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Renāra Būve, Private house construction, Lutriņi, Skolas 11, Lutriņu pagasts, Saldus nov. LV-3861 : companies :

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Construction works
Forestry works
Water collection
Water extraction and drainage
Water extraction and sewerage works
Sewerage systems
Well bores
Well installation works
Well construction
Wells and boreholes
Well drilling
Construction services
Construction works
Installation of a well near the house
Water systems
Water systems for the house
Water-supply systems
Water supply systems for the house
Water supply system installation
Renāra būves
Renāra būves, wells and boreholes
Construction works
Construction works Renārs buildings
Renāra būves
Water systems
Well installation services
Repair works
Repair works
Improvement works
Repair works
Home repairs
Improvement and greening
Construction works
Renāra būves
Renāra būves
Renāra būves
Renāra būves
Renāra būves
A well near the house


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Working time

  • Sun-
  • Mon800-1800
  • Tue800-1800
  • Wed800-1800
  • Thu800-1800
  • Fri800-1800
  • Sat800-1600

"Renāra Būve" provides various services

  • Logging - consulting, sawing according to the client's desired result.
  • Construction - advises, builds new, repairs old, evaluates criteria and benefits.
  • Water collection: advises, accepting the solution, we make an appropriate offer, accepting the offer, an appropriate water extraction model will be created( well or well), we repair the existing water extraction points.
  • Sewerage: install a septic tank, which is friendly to the place and nature.

In short, your goals will be realized through my experience in the services offered accordingly.


"Renāra Būve" cooperation offer

  • Meeting at the facility
  • Assessment of the situation
  • Consultation on possible solutions
  • Project drafting
  • Implementation of the project



Private house construction, Deforestation for construction, Water supply for a private house, Aerated concrete houses.

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