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Riga Tools, LTD, Tyrolit Latvia, : companies :
Riga Tools, LTD, Tyrolit Latvia

Riga Tools, LTD, Tyrolit Latvia

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Cutting discs
Core drill bits
Work clothes
Work clothes


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  3. Salaspils nov., Salaspils pag., "Rūķīši 125", LV-2119
  4. 2020
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About the company

LTD "Riga Tools" is a certified official Tyrolit representative in Latvia. We offer a wide range of Tyrolit as well as Honeywell products to companies in the metalworking, mechanical engineering, shipbuilding, road construction, construction and other industries. Our products have been chosen by one of the leading Latvian companies in their industry. Good service and individual approach to each client! We will help you choose the most suitable solution and deliver the product to your company.

Tyrolit production:

  • cutting and grinding discs - for cutting and grinding metal, concrete, reinforced concrete, asphalt( leaf discs, diamond discs, cutting discs)
  • core drills - for concrete, reinforced concrete, asphalt, stone drilling
  • electric tile cutting machines
  • concrete cutting and drilling equipment
  • anti-gas masks, anti-dust respirators
  • glasses, masks
  • headphones, earplugs
  • seat belts, ropes
  • work gloves
  • protective clothing against chemicals
  • battery operated tools
  • drills, screwdrivers, wrenches
  • hammers, sledgehammers and diamond processing
  • grinding machines and tools for metalworking
  • woodworking tools
  • saws



Instrument and tool trade, Metalworking equipment and tools.

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