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Rol-Automatik Vārti, LTD, industrial, industrial gates in Latvia, Ludzas 89b, Rīga, LV-1003 : companies :
Rol-Automatik Vārti, LTD, industrial, industrial gates in Latvia

Rol-Automatik Vārti, LTD, industrial, industrial gates in Latvia

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Industrial gates
Single overhead gates
Hangar gates
Hangar gates
Hangar gates
Automatic gates
Door automatics
Industrial( industrial) hangar gates
Overhead gates
Reinforced barbed wire( barbed wire) and its articles
Automatic gates
Automatic sectional( section) garage gates
Large non-standard gates, commonly referred to as hangar gates.
Access control systems: barriers, turnstiles, parking blockers
Single overhead gates
Automatic barriers
Hangar non-standard gates
Tram depot gates
Industrial lifting gates
Sliding industrial gates
Swing gates
Section gates
Elevating platforms
Passable gates
Parking machines, parking devices
High speed goal
Lift gratings
Industrial automatic doors
Industrial gates
Roller shutters
Roll-type gates
Roll-type lifting gratings
Roller blinds
Special gates


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  3. +371 67553639
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  3. 25.04.2007
  4. Sēņu iela 8, Garkalne, Garkalnes pag., Ropažu nov., LV-2137
  5. 2021

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  1. Ludzas 89b, Rīga LV-1003
    +371 67 553639


We are engaged in the production, installation and maintenance of barriers, entry barriers, roller safety blinds, various types of automatic gates, automatic doors, turnstiles, metal structures.



Automatic sectional, ( section) garage gates, glazed aluminium garage gates, single overhead gates, roll, ( roll-type) gates, industrial, ( industrial) hangar gates, pVC strip curtains, pvc gates, gate for private houses, fast-opening warehouse gates, ( fast-opening automatic gates) high-speed automatic gates, sandwich panel gates, gates for freezers, ( street) territory single and double gates, console type, ( console) sliding and swing gates. Automatic barriers, ( barriers) parking lot equipment, automatic parking lots, parking, turnstiles. Lifting car parking areas, access system control. Gate and door automation, remote control. Remote controls, radio transmitters, radio receivers, photo elements, photo barriers, electric locks, flashing lights, control units, engines, motors, recovery, drive mechanisms.Systems with "Chip", ( chip) -card management and radio control. Manufacturer firm: V2, ( Italy) RIB, ( Italy) Came, ( Italy) Lift Master, ( Germany) . Automatic doors, aluminium sliding door structures, fireproof doors and gates EI 30, 60, 90, 120min, sound-proof and security doors. Roller shutters and grilles. Protective grilles, roller blinds, ( blinds) roller grilles, roller shutters. Fences, fencings, fence netting, fence panels, welded fence elements, forgings, increased safety fences. Poles and ties. Reinforced barbed wire, ( barbed wire) and articles thereof.Ramp equipment: portals, lifting ramps and tables, loading, loading bridges, lifting platforms. Loading and unloading systems: unloading docks, dock structures, ramp seals, dock shelters, dock levelers. Levelling lifts, hermetic locks.Standard and non-standard metal, ( steel) structures, products.Metal stairs, sheds. ( Blinds) . sliding staircases, passenger, houses, service, cargo, high-speed panoramic, Lifting equipment vertical, stair, ( on steps) stationary and mobile, for pools and baths.Strip conveyors. Official "Chamberlain - LiftMaster", ( Germany) "Came", ( Italy) "V2", ( Italy) "RIB", ( Italy) "Vimec", ( Italy) representatives in Latvia.Design, production, wholesale, customized production, trade, trade, consultations, delivery, installation, assembly, maintenance, gate components and spare parts, fast SOS service, maintenance and repair all over Latvia. Guard booth, security booth, pavilions, wagons, containers for guards, pagaidbirojs.Zaljuzi, blinds, blinds, blinds, blinds, blinds, blinds, blinds, blinds, blinds, blind, blind, blind, blind, for blinds, for blinds. Gates repair. Gate repair. Automatic locks. Hangar non-standard gates. Tram depot gates. Industrial lift gates. Sliding industrial gates. Opening gates. Section gates. Elevating platforms. Outgoing gates. ATMs, parking devices. High-speed gates. Lifting grilles. Industrial automatic doors. Industrial swing gates. Roller blinds. Roll-type gates. Roller lifting grilles. Roller blinds. Special gates. Barriers. Industrial lift gates. Gates Valmiera, gates in Cesis, gates Sigulda, gates Liepāja, gates Ventspils, gates Ķegums, gates Baloži, gates Saldus, gates Kuldīga, gates Jelgava, gates Tukums, gates Daugavpils, gates Limbazi, gates Ādaži, gates Ogre, gates Lielvārde. Disabled person lift, ( lift, lifts) all kind of lift, ( lift, elevators) also disabled person, ( for disabled persons) and lift for house: production, delivery, assembly, modernization, disabled mobility equipment, production, imports, installation, technical maintenance, ( service) . mobile lifts. Disabled lifts for rooms and swimming pools, disabled person lift production. Manufacture of lifting platforms. Manufacture of lifts. assembly, installation throughout the territory of Latvia.