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  4. 14.06.2001
  5. Jelgava, Ganību iela 78, LV-3007
  6. 2018


Rumeks NNZ is one of the biggest companies in Latvian, which since 2001 is active in Lavian packaging market. Rumeks NNZ offer customers a variety of trade names: • Net bags for vegetables and firewood • Polypropylene bags • Big bag bags • Paper bags • Plastic containers • Threads, adhesive tapes, films and nets for pallet fixing, PP cords, jute bags, etc. materials Product delivery is provided throughout Latvia. Rumeks-NNZ specialists will help you choose the most appropriate way to pack your product 


Packing wrapping, Packaging, Bags, BIG BAG, Packing materials.
BIG BAG, net bags for vegetables, PP bags for sugar, flour, feed,
potato sacks, carrot, cabbage bags. Rumeks nnz, rumex. Packs, Packaging,
bag, bags, bags, bags, bags in rolls, bags in rolls, pP Bags, polypropylene bags,
paper bags. Net, ventilated, net bag, net bags, net, leno, net, net,
pallet fastening net, net for pallets, net for fir-trees, mesh bags,
large bag. Large bags, soft containers, elastic containers, bigbags,
transport bags, line carrier, inner base. Wrapping film. Pallet net,
pallet film, film for pallets, fixation net in rolls, stretch. Splits,
cord, wire, cord, yarn, thread, bag sewing threads. Paper bags, paper,
adhesive tapes, tapes. Elastic tape. Cording tape, container, packing,
Packaging, industrial, instrument, accessory, accessories, box, boxes.
Pads, containers, caps for berries, net sock, extruded sock. Net pipe,
tvin, carry fresh, resealable, construction net, jute, Jute bags,
fabric bags, pp, pe, pp fabric, grains, seeds, fertilizer, cement,
sand, flour, grits, rice, potato, onions, carrots, firewood, coil.
Briquettes, peat, food, pellet, sawdust, printing, printing. Apples,
pears, carrots, chicory, leeks, lemons, limes, beans, cabbage, potato,
raspberries, blackberry, redcurrant, blackcurrant, paprika, pepper,
onions, tomatoes, grapes, seeds, parsley, dill, celery, seafood.
Plastic package. NNZ offers a wide range of monolayer and multilayer
film materials for agricultural and industrial sectors. , Materials
are available as film, individual bags or bags in rolls.

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Rumeks NNZ