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Sale of solar panels
Solar batteries
Solar batteries
Professional solar panel assembly works
Solar panels
Solar parks for companies
Connection to the distribution network
Hybrid inverters
Solar power plant
Solar batteries

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Full service solar panel installation. Effective solar energy solutions starting with small solar park systems for summer homes, electric car charging stations and ending with modern solar panel parks, wind generators for companies. We have built a team of experienced engineers to provide full service. Installation of electrical installation, design, construction, service and sale of alternative energy sources - solar panels, wind generators. Installation of heat pumps.


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How to reduce electricity supply costs:

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  • Distribution networks. Can you connect a microgenerator?;
  • Designing a plan for your solar energy system;
  • Professional solar panel assembly works;
  • Services of a certified electrician;
  • Energy audit;
  • Connection to the distribution network;
  • Installation of solar panels for private houses;
  • Solar parks for companies;
  • Wind generators;
  • Solar power plant;
  • Solar panels;
  • Sale of solar panels;
  • Solar batteries;
  • Solar batteries;
  • Hybrid inverters;
  • Microinverters;
  • Electric car charging stations;
  • Installation of heat pumps;
  • Heating pumps.

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Advantages of microinverters:

  • Safety and fire safety - the DC circuit voltage of the panels does not exceed 50V;
  • Efficiency - each panel works independently and the shading of one panel does not affect the performance of other panels;
  • The construction costs are comparable to the construction of the classic inverter circuit;
  • A monitoring system that is comprehensible and transparent to everyone.



Solar panels.

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