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SB UN PARTNERI, LTD, Door and window accessories, Piedrujas 7A, Rīga, LV-1073 : companies :
SB UN PARTNERI, LTD, Door and window accessories

SB UN PARTNERI, LTD, Door and window accessories

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Door fittings
Metal door handles
Door handles
Sliding systems
Sliding door systems
Door lock cylinders
Quality furniture fittings
Antique design handles
FSB elbow joint


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  5. Ivars Rušmanis


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Legal data

  1. 40103146927
  2. LV40103146927
  3. "Luminor Bank", AS
  4. LV47RIKO0002013023866
  5. 20.12.1994
  6. Piedrujas iela 7A, Rīga, LV-1073

About the company

"SB un Partneri" since 1994. advises and supplies Latvian door and window manufacturers, building material stores and end consumers with building forgings - door and window fittings. With the assortment solutions, it is possible to harmoniously and functionally equip wooden, metal, profile frame and glass doors and windows, as well as improve houses and yards.



A wide range of forgings with ~5000 product types - good parts for good architecture. The main criteria in choosing an assortment: Quality in accordance with EU and DIN standards, technological compatibility, stable delivery, service and guarantees, depth of assortment, innovative solutions, as well as compatibility of styles, colors and materials. The unified architectural concept: design, safety, energy efficiency, comfort, sustainability.

Our suppliers

Experienced and leading German and. . Manufacturers of construction forgings in European countries: FSB, BSW, KFV, RENZ, ATHMER, GEZE, HOFFSCHULTE, P. BISSCHOP, SPITZER, KWS, SIMONSWERK, BASYS, HAWA, MWE, WILKA, GTV, SIEGENIA-AUBI, GUTMANN, DIECKMANN, SSF, BMH, LINEA CALI, JNF, GHIDINI, OMP PORRO, OLIVARI and. .



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