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  1. 40003352878
  2. LV40003352878
  3. 04.08.1997
  4. Liepāja, Brīvības iela 185, LV-3401
  5. 2018


„Scan-Plast Latvia” is a dynamic manufacturing and trade company in Latvia specializing in the production of composite materials and building structure production for a wide variety of business sectors. Thanks to the experience gained over the years and the understanding of the unique properties of composites, the company offers innovative and competitive solutions that are characterized by excellent quality, high durability and long service life. Offer products for contractors, industry, transport, waste water treatment, environmental improvement, agriculture, waste management, sports, leisure and other industries. 


Composite materials, GRP, fiberglass, glass fiber, construction,
construction, designing, engineering communications, toilet facilities,
environmental design, greening, pumping station, container, installation building,
body, ventilation, grating, grating, toilet, toilet cabin, toilet building,
toilet cabin, public toilet, dry toilet, sewerage, articles for wastewater,
improvement, modular building, container, septic tank, cesspool,
separator, oil product separator, fat separator, alarm system, portable toilet complex,
transport plate, construction site equipment, light shaft, silo,
pellet, feed tank, pellet, feed tower, screw conveyor, auger, rain water tunnel,
buffer vessel, scrubber, flower pots, flower pot system, garden furniture,
fence, field feeder, awning, bicycle rack, decorations, decoration,
products for rainwater, chemical resistance, collection, storage tank,
wastewater, reservoir, cistern, cover, plate, profile, tube, fitting,
chimney, flue, ventilation duct, ventilation channel for foundation,
air purification system, aeration system, water treatment, spray station,
slurry discharge system, vacuum system, stadium equipment, water amusement equipment,
slide, camping house, mobile house, urban equipment.

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