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Roof cleaning
Industrial climbing
Sewer pipe cleaning, restoration and repair
Work at height
Cleaning of internal structures of hangars and workshops from dust
Roof cleaning from snow
Work at height


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About industrial mountaineering/ work at height

Industrial mountaineering is a specialized work method used in the maintenance and repair work of tall buildings, bridges, towers and other structures. The goal of this method is to ensure safety and efficiency when performing work at height where traditional methods are limited or ineffective.
Industrial mountaineering is a very skill and experience demanding industry that requires both endurance and technical knowledge. Employees working in this area must be well trained and adhere to safety standards, as their work takes place at height and may involve dangerous risks.


What are the main advantages of industrial mountaineering??

Industrial mountaineering, with its way of working, is able to ensure fast and optimal work. It is possible to move around the room without scaffolding, elevations or special machines to reach the necessary places. Industrial mountaineering also ensures that the team can work in hard-to-reach places where construction equipment cannot access, because building elements, structures, communications interfere, or the use of a lift is too expensive for the customer. Industrial mountaineering means that very quickly, after a short preparation and demarcation of the working area, work can be started with minimal time consumption and therefore more economically. Often, it is impossible or unprofitable to perform some work at height with other methods. Industrial mountaineering is work in special conditions that requires certain skills and knowledge.
In accordance with Cabinet of Ministers regulations no. 143 Labor protection requirements when working at height industrial mountaineering is work in equipment in a position where the employee uses a rope or other fasteners as a primary means of safety to access the workplace, position the workplace or descend, creating a fixed workplace at a height.
Industrial mountaineering is a set of activities where mountaineering and rock climbing equipment and special equipment are used and adapted to perform various economic tasks( equipment) . It is widely used in various construction and assembly works in buildings, high-rise buildings, towers, bridges, etc.



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