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Sefinance, LTD, K.Valdemāra 57/59, Rīga, LV-1010 : companies :


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  1. 40103224297
  2. LV40103224297
  3. 08.04.2009
  4. Skanstes iela 7 k-1, Rīga, LV-1013
  5. 2022


Sefinance brings together a team of professional financial specialists with 11 years of experience to offer convenient and simple loan solutions for business operators. We were the first in Latvia to introduce a loan consolidation service, we cooperate with all leading lenders, individually adjusting the loan conditions for each client, so that the company does not overpay for its credit obligations. Sefinance specialists provide a full support cycle in loan selection and execution, as well as help to solve complex loan repayment situations. In turn, long-term cooperation with leading lenders allows us to offer all the most requested types of loans with an operational assessment and the most advantageous contract terms. Trust the Sefinance team and save your time without overpaying for credit obligations! Sefinance is registered in the Register of Credit Intermediaries and Representatives of Credit Intermediaries of the Consumer Rights Protection Center with reg. Nr. KS-02.



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