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Siljurģimet, LTD, Dzirnavu 10, Saldus, Saldus nov., LV-3801 : companies :

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Metal articles
Aluminium structures, railings, stairs, lighthouses, hatches, control hatches, ventilation grilles, production. Aluminum fuel
Agriculture, tractor equipment, forest machinery parts fabrication, restoration
Metal constructions manufacturing
Metal articles, metal stairs, metal railings production, manufacturing, installation
Stainless steel processing. Stainless steel components, products and equipment for food industry, cafes, houses
Stainless steel stoves for heating, heating stoves
Truck, forest equipment and agricultural machinery repair, various parts restoration
STEEL structures, metal structures, equipment, component manufacture and repair
Bicycle stands, bicycle racks, rack
, Milling works
Metal constructions manufacturing
Metal structures making the University's of Latvia new building
Facade metal elements production
Metal construction facade elements


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Legal data

  1. 48503016008
  2. LV48503016008
  3. "Swedbank"
  4. LV80HABA0551027297578
  5. 10.11.2009
  6. Dzirnavu iela 10, Saldus, Saldus nov., LV-3801

About us:

The main direction of the company's activity is metalworking. We specialize in the production of non-standard metal products, restoration, repair and rebuilding of equipment parts according to drawings, sketches or samples.



  • Milling
  • Turning
  • Plasma cutting
  • Metal bending
  • All types of metal welding


Our production:

  • Fuel drums
  • Inspection hatches( hatch) for boats, cutters( different size)
  • Pellet tanks
  • We produce according to individual order



STEEL structure, metal structure, equipment, component manufacture and repair.
STAINLESS STEEL structure and equipment manufacture and repair. Metal constructions,
metal articles, metal parts, metal processing, (metal processing).
ALUMINIUM structure and equipment manufacture and repair. Production
of non-standard constructions. Turning, Milling, (works, services).
Plasma cutting. Repair and manufacture of hydraulic cylinders. Truck
frame, kuzovu, platform, container, trailer, barrel repair. Forestry machinery repair,
Tractor, excavator, manipulator repair, Truck, forestry machinery
and agricultural equipment repair, maintenance. Trailer frame reinforcement,
cargo box fracture prevention, renovation, worn-out parts restoration,
manufacturing, installation. Agricultural and forestry equipment repair,
repair works. We work also with aluminum frames, cargo boxes and barrels.
Production, (production) install, (installation) assemble, (assembly) snow plow,
snow shovels for tractors special tractor machinery, agricultural machinery.
Stainless steel processing. Stainless steel parts manufacturing,
Stainless steel products and equipment manufacturing for the food
industry, cafes, households, house construction, design, shipbuilding.
Tractor front axle repair, restoration, renovation. Polished boat and yacht handrail,
(railings) stair, (ladders) lighthouse, (tanks) production. Fuel barrels.
Stainless steel heater, boiler, stove, chimney, heat exchangers fabrication.
Different aluminum constructions, railings, stairs, cisterns, hatches,
control hatches, ventilation grating production. Aluminium fuel tanks,
(tank) crankcases, (crankcase). Bracket, (bracket) repair, manufacture.
Inspection hatches (hatch) for boats, cutters - different sizes.