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LTD Skārdnieks M, Izmēģinātāju 1A, Priekuļi, Priekuļu pagasts, Cēsu nov. LV-4126 : companies :

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Tin roof
Tin decor
Chimney roofs
Tinsmith works
Tin products
Roof additional elements
Drainage systems
Roof coatings
Finishing elements
Roof works


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Legal data

  1. 44103022017
  2. LV44103022017
  3. 22.01.2001
  4. 27.08.2004
  5. Izmēģinātāju iela 1A, Priekuļi, Priekuļu pag., Cēsu nov., LV-4126


LTD "Skārdnieks M" is a tinware manufacturing company. We produce: rainwater drainage systems, additional roof elements, chimneys, ventilation systems, as well as everything else that can be made of tin. We also offer metal roofing.


We use in production:

  • Aluminium
  • Galvanized tin
  • Brass
  • Stainless steel
  • Tin with paint coating
  • Steel
  • I can


About us

LTD Skārdnieks M, since 2001. engaged in the production and sale of tin products. Over time, by accumulating knowledge and developing the production plant, we have become the leading tin factory in Vidzeme. Our company employs tinsmiths with many years of experience who carry out orders. The company has accumulated a lot of experience in working with metals, which allows the realization of various complex, individual projects.

Skārdnieks M is an official partner of Ruukki in Vidzeme. We offer a wide range of Ruukki roofing materials and additional elements.



Tin products, tinsmith services, roof covering, metal roof coverings.

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