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"Skudra Pluss", Ltd., improvement service, Tērbatas 10, Valmiera, LV-4201 : companies :
"Skudra Pluss", Ltd., improvement service

"Skudra Pluss", Ltd., improvement service

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  1. 44103071188
  2. LV44103071188
  3. Burtnieku nov., Valmieras pag., Valmiermuiža, Valmiermuižas iela 9-25, LV-4219
  4. 2019
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We provide the following services: daily complex cleaning of premises; window washing; provision of hygiene products; maintenance of maintenance staff; floor waxing. We carry out reforestation and maintenance. Planting of bare roots and frame plants; agrotechnical and young plant care; sawing of tree bushes; cleaning ditches from bushes and grass; deforestation of fallen trees; Tree felling. 


Paving, territory improvement, greening, forest management. Cleaning services,
daily complex cleaning of premises, window washing, maintenance of cleaners,
floor waxing, premises cleaning in Riga, territory management, removal of fallen trees,
removal of waste and scrap metal, lawn mowing, snow cleaning and removal,
construction of squares and sidewalks, logging, planting of bare roots and frameworks,
agro-technical and nursery care, tree bush cutting, ditch cleaning of shrubs and grass,
deforestation of fallen trees, tree cutting, work at height, window
washing in large quantities in Riga, tree cutting, snow cleaning from roof,
sewage pipe cleaning, installation and repair of sewage pipes, installation
and repair of windows and window sills, freight transport, car transportation on trailer,
lift truck transportation, towing of trailers, transportation of
furniture and household appliances, transport of animals, moving of belongings,
from and to European countries, carriage of passengers up to 5 persons,
space disinfection, furniture disinfection, surface disinfection.