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The main activity of "SLO LATVIJA" Ltd is the wholesale of materials for electric materials, telecommunication and security systems. Our clients are electric installation companies, construction companies, manufacturers, state and local government agencies and retail companies, shops. SIA SLO LATVIJA is part of the international concern SONEPAR, the largest wholesaler of electrical materials in Europe with an annual turnover of EUR 20.6 billion (2016), representing 44 countries with 239 operating companies. 


Electric materials, trade of electric materials, electric materials supplies,
wholesale electric materials, wiring, wiring, installation materials,
wiring materials, cables, cables and wires, power cables, electricity wires,
channels, cable duct, cable channels, cable tracks, cable ladders,
mounts, cable accessories, cable pulling systems, cable fastenings,
switchgears, meter boxes, power distribution cabinet, distribution cabinets,
telecommunications, optical cables, contacts, sockets, contact switches,
relays, relay, automatics, fuses, circuit breakers, fuse, electric fuses,
medium voltage, lighting, lightning equipment, lighting, decorative lighting,
design lamps, emergency lights, signal lights, lighting poles, LED,
LED lamps, LED lighting, LED bulbs, LED bulb, LED lights, outdoor lighting,
street lighting, LED bulb, LED tapes, bulbs, economic light bulbs,
OSRAM bulbs, measuring instruments, electrical measuring devices,
testers, tools, hand tools, electric tools, BOSCH power tools, BOSCH tools,
hand power tools, goggles, work clothes, work clothes, work safety clothing,
protective equipment, protective clothing, occupational safety accessories,
winch, winches, heat engineering, accumulators, renewable energy systems,
renewable energy, solar energy, solar panels, solar batteries, solar collectors,
solar collector, security systems, security, alarm systems, safety systems,
adapters, adapter, protective tube, wells, well covers, alternative energy,
antennas, security video, PLC, heating, heating cable, heating cables,
automatic circuit-breakers, emergency switches, batteries, battery,
sewerage pipes, plastic pipes, heating pipes, water pipes, pipes,
pipe heating, data networks, data socket, detectors, electricity,
lighting fixtures, lighting fixtures, air duct lines, generators,
power generators, generator, generator, electricity generators, power generator,
street lighting, industry, installation, insulation, roof heating,
cable finish, cable sleeves, inner-tubes, surveillance camera, video surveillance camera,
security and access control systems, video surveillance systems,
camera, wooden supports, truss, helmets, lamps, lED lamp, ceiling lamps,
industrial lighting, daylight lamps, daytime running lamps, fluorescent bulbs,
built-in lamps, line materials, masts, instrument transformers, optical fibers,
optical fiber, optical cable, overvoltage protection, surge arrester,
power converter, power converters, converter, presses, project estimates,
gutters, distributive , solar energy, sensors, motion sensors, light sensors,
server cabinet, server cabinets, alarm systems, heated floor, heated floors,
underfloor heating, heated floor installation, electrical heated floors,
floor heating, switch, switches, circuit breakers, clamp, clamps,
poles, current transformers, voltage transformers, telekom, thermostats,
temperature regulator, transformer, transformers, fire safety, fire safety systems,
fire alarm, fire alarm, uPS, caps, wires, low-voltage networks, low intensity current,
video cameras, video surveillance, medium voltage, earth wire, ground bed,
low-voltage equipment, low voltage, lightning protection, lightning protection,
lightning protection systems, lightning receiver, Shneider Electric,
ABB, Siemens, Wago, Sonel, Cellpack, Eaton, Cooper, Obo Bettermann,
Goccia, Delta Plus, Utu Powel, DRAKA, Top Cable, Nexans, Philips,
OSRAM, Meka Pro, Lena Lighting, KPB Intra, KAISER, KATIMEX, ETI,
Ensto, NKT Cables, Evopipes, Sofamel, Exide, Cimco, Devi, Rittal,
Sapiselco. Electric materials, electric materials, electrical goods,
electric appliances.

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