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Z.V., Individual Enterprise, O.Kalpaka 20a, Auce, Dobeles nov., LV-3708 : companies :

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Heating boilers Pellouox
Heating boilers Pellouox
Heating boilers Matix Max
Heating boilers Master
Heating boilers Duox


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Working time

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  • Mon900-1900
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Legal data

  1. 58502006381
  2. LV58502006381
  3. 31.08.2004
  4. Oskara Kalpaka iela 20A, Auce, Dobeles nov., LV-3708
  5. 2022

Company description

Wood, pellet and combined heating boilers from KOTON. High-quality solid fuel boilers with ecological and energy certificates are recognized among customers. Sales, assembly, installation, service, servicing and maintenance of heating boilers and chimneys. Official representatives, dealers in Latvia. Installation of Boxer, Duox, Eco Matix, Master, Matix, Matix Max 250-600, Smoker, Trot, Trotex, Pell Duox, Pell Max, Unix heating systems. Estimate calculation.


Range of services

  • Boiler installation.
  • Boiler automatic connection.
  • Installation of autonomous heating systems.
  • Water supply installation.
  • Installation of radiator heating by laying heated floors.
  • Sewer installation( internal and external) .
  • Installation of a water pipe from a borehole.



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