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SONORA Export, LTD, Ganību dambis 17A, Rīga LV-1045 : companies :


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Quality lumber is our product. The strong point is an honest and welcoming attitude towards the client and the ability to build constructive long-term cooperative relations. Obtaining the best from Baltic and Belarusian forests, we provide lumber at an adequate price. Our relationship with the forest is mutual - we receive a lot and in return we give care for the environment.



We buy and produce lumber and its products from trees grown in the Baltic States( Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia) and in the rich forests of Belarus. We export our products to the countries of the European Union - Great Britain, Macedonia and Iceland. During the company's operation, we have created a wide network of cooperation, which allows us to quickly acquire and distribute forest resources. The range also includes pallet timber, garden and fencing products, construction timber, roof battens, scaffolding boards, peeled poles, peat and peat substrates, as well as firewood.



Timber purchase, sawn timber production, sawn timber exports, boards - thickness from 12 to 25 mm, boards in width from 50 to 150 mm, semi-finished products - in thickness from 26 to 70 mm, in width from 70 to 100 mm, beams - from 70x70, mm to 150x150 mm, milled boards, transverse milled half beams, longitudinally milled half-beams and beams, dried boards( W=18%), according to the customer's wishes, additional processing is possible: preservation, heat treatment( KD/TH ISPM15 56/30), pine and spruce garden and fence elements in various sizes and quantities, sleepers, poles, spiked stakes, fence slats, fence boards, turned elements of pine and fir wood for fences, for fences, swing, bridges, log buildings and other purposes, peeled stakes for pasture, peeled stakes for agricultural paddocks, peeled stakes for gardens, turned elements - in diameter from 40 to 200 mm, up to 4.8m in length, peeled stakes - in diameter from 50 to 150 mm, in length up to 2.4 m, pine and spruce wood structural lumber for construction and construction works, for roof frame constructions in width and thickness up to 300 mm, in length up to 6.1 m, non-dried, dried to C16/C24 British Standard, pressure impregnated according to the British standard, pressure-impregnated roof battens from 3 to 6 m long, unplaned roof battens, planed roof battens, available sizes: 19x38mm22x50mm25x38mm25x50mm, For customers in Continental Europe, the variety of sizes is greater and is adjusted to the customer's wishes, According to the British standard( BS 2482: 2009) scaffold boards for scaffolding in the construction process, the scaffold boards are covered with metal plates on the end surfaces, the cross-section of the boards: 63x225 mm, mixed wood firewood, oak firewood, ash firewood, birch wood, peat, peat substrates for use industrially - in energy, in agriculture, in the production of thermal insulation materials, the product is available to customers for purchase in bulk - in 4500L and 6000L packages.