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"SPA servisa centrs", Ltd., Ziepniekkalna 13-1, Rīga, LV-1004 : companies :
"SPA servisa centrs", Ltd.

"SPA servisa centrs", Ltd.


  1. +371 26333250
  2. +371 25155870

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  1. 40103777941
  2. LV40103777941
  3. Rīga, Ziepniekkalna iela 13, LV-1004
  4. 2020
  5. 2

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"SPA Servisa centrs" - a new, modern company. The company was founded by professionals who already had many years of experience in installation and maintenance of swimming pools, spa and other water procedures. Creating a company, the idea was and is to provide customer service more qualitatively, faster and more flexibly. We are aware that professional installation and full service of pools, SPAs and other water treatment places bear a great responsibility. Professionalism is the foundation of our business. "SPA Servisa centrs" offers only the best for pools, spa, sauna and bathhouses. We work with high-level manufacturers in Italy, Finland, Germany. Only a professional relaxation site service will allow you to relax without difficulty from everyday rush and stress, relaxing in your sauna, bathhouse or swimming pool. Water procedures will free your mind and body, help restore strength and bring harmony. 


Professional installation, pool installation, full service for swimming pools,
pools, hydro massage pools, saunas, swimming pool accessories, pool chemicals,
steam baths, climate control, pool enclosures, service, family home,
auxiliary buildings, baths, hydromassage pools, accessories, sheds,
concept elaboration, service, ice generators, programmable massage showers,
leaf collecting strainers, vacuum brushes, thermometers, PH level meters,
swimming pool maintenance accessories, accessories for swimming pool maintenance,
accessories for sauna maintenance, accessories for bathhouse maintenance,
accessories for sauna maintenance, accessories for sauna maintenance,
bath flavors, chemicals for automatic dosage systems, bromine tablets,
chlorine tablets, slowly soluble chlorine tablets, fast soluble chlorine tablets,
oxygen granules, active oxygen pills, pH-level lowering granules,
coagulant cartridges, abrasive powder for intensive cleaning of pool,
liquid for pool water line cleaning, pool cleaner, sauna cleanser,
steam bath detergent, heat pumps for pool water heating, air humidifiers
for indoor pools, climate control equipment, water cooling equipment
for cold swimming pools, pool awnings, pool awnings made of galvanized steel,
pool awnings made of aluminum, exclusive pool sheds, swimming pool maintenance,
SPA maintenance, individual work schedule, coordination of work with the client,
urgent calls, help in urgent cases, help at any time of the day,
full service warranty, service warranty, maintenance, service maintenance after warranty,
original spare parts.

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