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Legal data

  1. 09.08.1994
  2. Talsu nov., Talsi, Zvaigžņu iela 1, LV-3201
  3. 2018
  4. 4


Parallel to heating services, the company has mastered new areas of activity that are closely interconnected with heating. At present, the company designs, installs and maintains not only heating systems, but also designs, installs and maintains water supply systems, sewage systems and ventilation systems. With cooperation partners have been implemented various projects. In 2009, the company began to acquire solar energy sphere. The company's employees are trained in Germany, which is Europe's leading country in renewable energy. Now we can offer our customers solar collectors for heat generation and solar cells for electricity generation. 


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talsi, talsu region, in Talsi and its surroundings, underground communication,
heating systems, heating boilers, underfloor heating, renewable energy,
energy alternative, plumbing installation repair, plumbing works,
plumbing, plumbing works, plumbing works, heat engineering, heat
supply and heat networks, heating pumps, ventilation equipment and systems,
ventilation, water supply, water supply in Talsi, water supply in Talsu district,
central heating, solar energy, solar batteries, solar collectors,
solar battery fasteners, ventilation construction, ventilation assembly,
ventilation system installation.

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