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Telpa deko, shop, Flotes 16, Liepāja, LV-3405 : companies :

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Sale of construction materials
Sale of construction materials
Sale of construction materials
Telpa Deko
Cellular polycarbonate
Decorative brick tiles
Decorative brick tiles
Door trade
Door trade
Sale of windows
Sale of windows
Sale of windows


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  1. 42103045011
  2. 12.03.2008
  3. 12.03.2008
  4. Toma iela 53 – 5, Liepāja, LV-3401
  5. 2023


Construction material store "Telpa Deko" has been operating for more than 10 years, during which it has gained a stable position in the market, a permanent circle of customers. In the store, it is possible to buy not only materials for repair and construction, but also goods necessary for home furnishing and household goods.



Sale of timber materials, online shops, roof coatings, flooring surfaces, metal trade, sale of construction materials, trade of building and finishing materials, windows and doors, greenhouses. Plasterboard, cement, dry mixtures, metal profiles for plaster, decorative plaster, paints, screws, nails. Wooden doors, metal doors, veneered, laminated, glazed doors. PVC and wood chip inner windowsills - glossy and matte. Roofing - metal roofing, fusible roofing, IKO shingles, concrete tiles. Tools and power tools, Plumbing materials, water heaters, ( boilers) copper, PVC pipes. Construction forgings, mounts, construction chemicals. Work clothes. Fences, gates, poles and accessories. Steels and metals: armature, pipes, sheets, profiles, sheets, angles, square pipes, rebar grids for concreting. Timber, sale of lumber - boards, beams, slats etc. also made to order. SIGA company's production - adhesive tapes, glues - mastics, primers, construction films. Traces of concrete foundations for summer houses and other light structures. PVC windows in a very wide selection, their trade, delivery and installation, finishing. Cellular polycarbonate, polycarbonate greenhouses, film greenhouses, wooden greenhouses. Dehumidifiers, moisture collectors, air humidifiers, air purifiers, infrared heaters. Summer houses, gazebos, sheds, camping houses, graveyard benches, doghouses, etc. . - made to order. Tin works - tin products, metal roofs, metal articles. Sale of greenhouses, delivery and installation. Colour shading, assembly works, ( windows and blinds) free consultations and measurements, delivery. Roller blinds, cassette blinds, vertical blinds, pleated blinds, mosquito nets, protective shutters. Construction materials, Lime, cement, bricks, ruberoid, foam plastic, polystyrene, EPS, mineral wool, clay, heat insulation, concrete, heat insulation, wool, ISOVER, PAROC, URSA, profiles, metal profiles. Roofs, roof, roof covering, coverings, concrete, metal tile, tiles, bitumen shingles, sheets, slate, waterproofing, ETERNIT, surface lining, underlay. IKO, Lafarge, Atlas, Sakret, drainage systems, gutters, waste-pipes. Windows ROTO, Velux, Expanded clay blocks, expanded clay blocks FIBO, aerated concrete blocks. Chimneys, chimney. Gypsum cardboard plates, plasterboard, plasterboard, gypsum board, plasterboard, plasterboard, polystyrene, glass, Rockwool stone, rockwool. Wooden plates OSB 3. Mineral wool, attic stairs.Film, films, insulation, polyethylene, mesh, fence. For roof, facades, windows, for floor, for foundations, for cellar, for garden, roads. Construction chemicals, mastic. Dry mixtures, glue, filler, plasterings, mortar. Knauf. Exterior work, interior, finishing, for facade, materials, systems, plaster, trade. Sale of construction materials. Skylights, water drain systems, aerated concrete, foam plastic plates, EPS, construction chemicals, good prices, promotional events, discounts, work clothes, gloves, metal articles, screws, nails, paints, ground color, wallpaper, laminate, tiles, linoleum, electric tools, grinder, drills, perforators, wooden, plastic, PVC window sills, sale of timber materials, sawn timber, timber, bulbs, cables, wiring, electricity, finishing materials, OSB, pressed cardboard, veneer, plywood, wooden slats, beams, Atlas, Mira, Ceresit, household chemicals, painting, hinges, brackets, shelf systems, angles, hooks, dowels, nails, mounting tapes, metal plates, bolts, stop, handles, squares, connections, steels and metals, laminate, tiles, polycarbonate, metal roofs, shingles, ruberoid, melting copper sewerage pipes, plumbing, plumbing fittings, metal, PVC, laminated, primed wooden doors, electric fireplaces, electric fireplaces, furnaces, furnaces, ovens, painted wallpapers, metal, roll, panel fences, dry mixtures, facade wool, plaster, metal, armature, concreting mesh, aerated concrete blocks, mounts, screws, nails. Heating systems, sewerage. Pipes, fittings, taps. Filters. Radiators, bathtubs. Sinks, valves. Bolts, ceramic, mixers. Pipe fittings, Ball-type. Boilers. Insulation, pot. Safety valves, collectors. Steel welding fittings. Copper and bronze fittings for soldering. Pipes and brass fittings. Pipes and fittings. PVC pipes and fittings for sewerage. Pipe insulation. Kitchen sinks from stainless metal. Faucets, mixers and accessories. Heat insulation. Rock wool. Construction materials. Sale of construction materials, Windows, construction materials. Bricks, metal, construction materials. Cement. Roof covering, cement, roofs, roof. Construction materials, lime, cement, bricks, ruberoid, foam plastic, mineral wool, wool, finishing materials, clay, heat insulation materials, wall blocks, heat insulation, rock wool, plasterboard, dry mixtures, roof covering, metal profiles, metal profiles, tiles, ( metal) water run-off, flat metal sheets. Galvanized sheet metal, aerated concrete, Fibo blocks, polystyrene, OSB, Velux, PVC windows, doors, armature, reinforcement mesh. Trade, delivery. Zn, PE, PVC. Construction materials, reinforcement mesh, metal tiles, profiled surface, drainage systems, polymer coatings, aerated concrete, ruberoid, foam plastic plates, cohesive substance heat insulation, gypsum board, bricks, construction chemicals. Delivery all over Latvia, good prices. Construction material store, shops. Promotional events. Work clothes. Gloves. Metal articles. Screws, nails. Varnishes, paints. Steel baths and trays. Ceramic WC bowls and sinks. Steel towel warmers. Heat engineering, heat, heating, water: bowl lids, Everything for drainage, water supply, wastewater, heating network construction. Bolt, aerator, heating, deaerator, bypass, flap, gaskets, brush, bolt-screws, tube, piping system, braze solder, cast iron water supply and sewerage pipes and fittings, copper pipes, cobra, condensate elbow, flexible coupling, cuffs, brass tube, long thread, gas valve, drainpipe, sewerage pipes, compensation cap, compression, counter-nuts, counter-nut, convector, crane, crosses, elbow, ball fitting, hatch, coupling, nipple, end cap, extension cord, switch, paste, plastic, polyethylene, PPR, check valve, rosette, radiators, screw, silicone, clamp, wire screen, shafts, screws, hose, hose, pump, t-piece, holder, nuts, coupler, water filters, vacuum valve, valve, pipe fittings, valve, above and below plaster armature, thermostats. Car chemicals, sprays for screws, lubricants, oil in a spray, anti-corrosion spray, rust remover, car windscreen fluids, car window washer, window fluid. Silicone, aluminium tapes, adhesives, everything necessary for insulation, foam, construction materials, foam plastic, dowels, construction foams, heat insulation, rock wool, insulation for chimneys, heat insulation materials, insulation, insulation for fireplaces, insulation for air ducts, insulation for baths, technical insulation, construction materials, additional materials, work clothes, gloves, work footwear, boots, shoes, special footwear, helmets, helmets. Individual approach to clients, advice on heat insulation and other issues. Polystyrene foam, polycarbonate, veneered doors, wooden doors, metal doors, filler accessories, structure CD UD UW CW profiles, steel pipes, collectors, advance payment, after payment, henka, brackets for strengthening, Penosil. 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