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Toode, SIA, Jelgavas filiale, Lietuvas šoseja 2, Jelgava, LV-3001 : companies :

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  1. +371 25644111


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  1. 40003431400
  2. 17.02.1999
  3. "Gailenes", Krustkalni, Ķekavas pag., Ķekavas nov., LV-2111
  4. 2022
  5. 1

Affiliated companies

  1. Krustkalni, "Gailenes", Ķekavas p., Ķekavas n., LV-2111
    +371 67501671

  2. Spartaka 1, Tukums, Tukuma n., LV-3101
    +371 28664111

  3. Baznīcas laukums 16, Smiltene, Smiltenes n., LV-4729
    +371 26595111

  4. Vecā Sārmes 3, Limbaži, Limbažu n., LV-4001
    +371 26336111

  5. K.Ukstiņa 8, Liepāja, LV-3401
    +371 26596111

  6. Blaumaņa 21, Gulbene, Gulbenes n., LV-4401
    +371 26146111

  7. Parka 12, Sigulda, Siguldas n., LV-2150

About us

Production of steel roof and wall profiles since 1999. throughout Latvia.



  • Roof and wall profiles
  • Constructive profiles
  • Straight tin
  • Rain water drainage systems
  • Additional elements
  • Flues
  • Skylights
  • Roof films
  • Roof bridges
  • Roof and facade stairs
  • Tinsmith tools
  • Screws
  • Snow barriers
  • Ventilation outlets


Our core values:

  • Customers - Improve products and services by listening to customers.
  • People - a team of highly qualified employees, a development-friendly, safe and healthy workplace.
  • Company Reputation - A reputable company reputation is our greatest value. We want to build long-term relationships with business partners in accordance with business ethics.



Production, designing, trade: Steel, metal, tin roofs, ( roof, roof) and wall facade, facade profiles, Tile, ( tile) trapezoidal profiles for roofs and walls, their fastenings - screws, Rolled sheet metal profiles, rolled profiles for roofs their fasteners - clamps. Metal, tin roof additional elements, accessories, snow barriers, gables, wind braces, flanges, cornices - drop laths, window external sills, plinth finish, grooves - junctions, angular - oval roof hatches. VELUX skylights, window ledges, window decoration, ventilation outlets, flue, chimney deposition, flues, Metal, tin square and round rainwater drainage systems: gutters, pipes, brackets, tray short - long hooks, gutter ends, funnels, short A - long B pipe elbows, pipes, pipe fittings, lower ends. Hot-dip galvanized, ( Zn) smooth tin sheets - rolls, hot dipped galvanized, painted steel with polyester, matpolyester, purala, pVC, pvf coating according to RR and RAL color palette. Constructive, hot-dip galvanized, ( Zn),,,,, etc.. profiles, in thickness 0. 50 - 2. 00 mm, in length up to 8000 mm; Tinsmith, roofer works. Snow retention barriers, ( pipes) . Professional, ( Stubai, Freund, Wiss, Wuko, Erdi) company manufactured tools and machines for tinsmiths and roofers. Tin. SHIEDEL flues, chimneys. Roofs in Jelgava. Tode. metal roofs in Jelgava, Jelgavas region.