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TOPO PRO, LTD, Jūrkalnes 6, Rīga, LV-1046 : companies :

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Surveying in winter
Car and tool
Building surveying
Performance measurement
Measurement in the spring
ORIGO new building
Water body surveying
Field surveying
Car and tool
Road survey


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  3. Kuldīgas nov., Kuldīga, Dzintaru iela 9 - 9, LV-3301
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LTD "TOPO PRO" is a company that provides surveying services throughout Latvia. We perform topographic surveying( for design purposes), marking works( construction site, land boundaries, red lines, utilities), executive measurements( buildings, communications for commissioning) . The company employs certified professionals in their field with 18 years of experience, which guarantees high quality, a sense of responsibility and performance of work within the set deadlines at affordable prices.



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harmonization of enforcement schemes, coordination on the construction board, plan making,
topography production, production of executive measurements, land surveyors,
reference points, performance measurement for a building, construction site plan,
holding performance measurement, scheme production, point demarcation.