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Legal data

  1. 40103010914
  2. LV40103010914
  3. 25.05.1991
  4. Rīga, Ganību dambis 22, LV-1045
  5. 2018

BIS.GOV.LV information

  1. Dzelzceļa kontakttīklu būvdarbu vadīšana
  2. Dzelzceļa sliežu ceļu būvdarbu vadīšana
  3. Dzelzceļa sliežu ceļu projektēšana
  4. Elektroietaišu izbūves darbu būvuzraudzība (Spriegums: līdz 1 kv, no 1 līdz 35 kv)
  5. Elektroietaišu izbūves darbu vadīšana (Spriegums: līdz 1 kv, no 1 līdz 35 kv)
  6. Elektronisko sakaru sistēmu un tīklu būvdarbu vadīšana
  7. Ēku būvdarbu vadīšana
  8. 0038-R
  9. 2020. gada 31. augustam
  10. Aktīvs


The company's leading activities are: construction, reconstruction, repair of railways, civil engineering and industrial objects, engineering works of buildings and constructions, construction of underground communications and catenary networks of railways, buildings and trams, as well as servicing of railway lines put into service, in addition to the design and geodetic research services. 


Railway track construction, railway construction, Tramway track construction,
railway structure above ground, railway, tracks, changeover, switched handed over,
sleepers, contact networks, optical networks, electro networks, tram rails,
crane rails, construction works, assembly works, engineering works,
excavation works, railway design, rail service, railway reconstruction,
engineering networks, railway construction, underground communications,
rail service, construction, construction works, construction, construction,
electric centralization, railway alarm, telecommunication networks,
civil and industrial construction, general construction works.

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