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Valkas Gaisma, LTD, Rīgas 24, Valka, Valkas nov., LV-4701 : companies :

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Street lighting construction
Maintenance of external electrical networks
Construction supervision of objects
Construction of internal electrical networks
Modernization of internal electrical networks


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Working time

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  • Mon900-1700
  • Tue830-1700
  • Wed830-1700
  • Thu830-1700
  • Fri830-1600
  • Sat-

Legal data

  1. 44103104402
  2. LV44103104402
  3. 11.01.2016
  4. Raiņa iela 12 – 13, Valka, Valkas nov., LV-4701
  5. 2021

BIS.GOV.LV information

  1. Elektroietaišu izbūves darbu būvuzraudzība
  2. Elektroietaišu izbūves darbu vadīšana
  3. 13396
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The company is engaged in the provision of electrical installation services to legal entities and individuals. The company uses only certified materials, performs work with high quality and high precision. We perform all types of electrical and communication installation work required by households and businesses, from connection to electrical installation, installation of equipment and electrical measurements for the successful commissioning of the facility, as well as operation and maintenance of existing equipment. We use certified materials in our work, which comply with the norms specified by law and the planned workload.



Construction of internal electrical networks, reconstruction of electrical networks, grid modernization, construction of external electrical networks, construction and maintenance of street lighting, performing preventive measurements of electrical installation, emergency damage search, accident damage prevention in Valka, location and repair of damage to electric cables in Valka, location and repair of internet cable damage in Valka, identification of damaged electrical equipment, replacement of fuses and circuit breakers in Valka, replacement of lighting bulbs and units, manufacture and repair of lighting lamps, installation of emergency lighting in buildings, construction of cable grooves and boxes, installation of sockets and switches, electrical distribution installation in Valka, installation of circuit breakers and automation, diagnostics, construction of electronic communications networks, reconstruction of electronic communications networks, modernization of electronic communications networks, construction of external electronic communication networks, reconstruction of external electronic communications networks, modernization of external electronic communications networks, construction of lightning protection and earthing system, construction supervision of electrical installation works, ( up to 1 kV, from 1 to 35 kV), electrical installation in Valka, wiring, fire safety, installation of smoke detectors in Valka, installation of heat detectors in Valka, excavation works with equipment in Valka, excavation work in the vicinity of communications, cable shelling, construction of power cable networks, construction of lighting networks, construction of communication networks, electrical measurements in Valka, creation of an electrical circuit in Valka, determination of electricity losses, scanning and presentation of flush-mounted wiring, cable insulation resistance measurements, grounding devices resistance measurements, lightning protection measurements, transition resistance measurements, thermography of premises and electrical installations, design of power supply networks in Valka, lighting network design, automatic fire extinguishing system design, establishment of an energy efficiency plan, building and site management, construction supervision Valka.


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