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ViaCon develops, manufactures and sells a full range of products for infrastructure. We produce our own screw-fastening corrugated steel structures, steel and plastic pipes for drainage, drains, sewerage and so on. We sell a full range of geosynthetic materials; geotextiles, geogrids, geomembranes and other products for infrastructure projects. ViaCon was established in Sweden in 1986 and to this day we are the market leaders and have set up representative offices in 16 European countries. 


Geosynthetic materials, geosynthetics, geotextile, geotextiles, geogrids,
polyethylene pipes, polyethylene culverts, metal screw-fastening culverts,
pipes, tunnels, bridges, HDPE film, geomembranes, geomembrane, waterproofing,
bentonite clay geomembranes, geo-composites, anti-corrosion mats,
gabions, plastic nets, TENAX fences, trade, wholesale, designing,
assembly, building, installation, Saferoad systems, road barriers,
noise protection walls, bridge barriers, liquid manure storage, lagoons,
welding, metal structures for culverts, metal structure for roads,
multiplates, screw together corrugated metal structures, SuperCor,
temporary standing module bridges, permanent module bridges, deformation seams,
bearings, pipes for non-pressure waste water systems, pipes for drainage systems,
pipes for sewage systems, pipes for external sewerage systems, helically
twisted corrugated metal pipes for infrastructure, drainage pipes,
woven geotextile, nonwoven geotextile, heat-related geotextile, rolled geotextile,
rolled two-layer hydrotechical geotextile, hydrotechical geotextile,
welded geogrids, extruded geogrids, woven geogrids, asphalt reinforcement grid,
reinforcement geocomposites, drainage geocomposites, HDPE, bentonite clay insulation,
geo mats, natural geo mats, synthetic geo mats, geo cells, geo nets,
lawn fittings, net for lawn reinforcement, plates, Tenax, twisted gabions,
welded gabions, external network pipe systems, waterproofing, profiled film,
PVC sheet piling, vinyl sheet piling, geosynthetic material decking,
geotextile sewing, bag sewing from woven and non-woven geotextile,
ground structure design, coast shore consulting and construction,
reinforced soil retaining wall design, bentonite clay waterproofing
installation in underground structures, BENTOFIX, EUROBENT, DeNeef
underground structure waterproofing material incorporation, HDPE
waterproofing installation, film pool welding, artificial lake spreading
with HDPE geo film, geosynthetic material complex decking, nonstandard
construction component fabrication from HDPE geomembranes, For PE pipes,
For PE plates, tubular arch screwing, tubular arch assembly, Pecor,
Helcor, tube assembly, well installation, pipes for road construction,
pipes for external sewerage, pipes for drainage, screw together tubular bridges,
mats for slopes, geomembrane welding, Bentofix decking, consultations.

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