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Vides un Ģeoloģijas Serviss, LTD, Kūrmājas prospekts 11, Liepāja, LV-3401 : companies :

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Service company Ltd "Environmental and Geological Service", created to help companies effectively develop their operations within the framework of strict regulatory requirements.

We are the leading geological company in the Kurzeme region and one of the leading in the field of environmental protection in Latvia.

Company Ltd "Environmental and Geological Service" founded in 2012 on IK "Geo Projects" bases, which became operational as early as 2005. year.

Over the years, experience has been gained in conducting geological and geotechnical research, environmental monitoring, installation of deep wells, as well as preparing the necessary documentation in the field of environmental protection.



polluting activities. Preparation of applications, For category B and C polluting activities. Calculation of the emissions of pollutants. Appraisal of environmental impact, scatter modeling. Advice on environmental protection. Calculation of the natural resources tax. Overview of chemicals and mixtures. Groundwater sampling, remediation of contaminated sites. Natural resources. Sand-gravel, stock calculation, project development, borehole installation, well construction, borehole installation, drinking water, geological research. Drilling. Bore-holes. Environment consultations. Geology, mineral deposit research, services in environmental protection field, geotechnical research, engineering geological research, installation of boreholes and points. Mineral deposit extraction project. Research work. Geotechnical research for buildings. Topographical survey. Quarry project. Drilling works. Bore-holes. Laboratory works. Hydrogeology. Geoecological research and monitoring. Inventory audit and inventory for existing deposits, quarry, natural resources. Engineering technical research. Geologists in Latvia. Borehole, water collection, artesian wells, well drilling. Engineering geological, geotechnical research, appraisal of environmental impact, industrial water supply solutions, financial analysis, economic analysis. Environmental pollution assessment. Geotechnical, geological research. Environmental and geological service, Geo Projects.