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Vilords GM, LTD, Workshop, Annas Brigaderes 5 (D.Brantkalna 3A), Rīga, LV-1082 : companies :

Photo 42

Kitchen glass panel with photo film "Bubbles"
Kitchen glass panel with photo film "Cherries"
Kitchen glass panel with photo film "Meadow flowers"
Kitchen glass panel with photo film "Hall"
Kitchen glass panel "Poppy"
Glass sliding door with ornament
Glass sliding door with frosted film
Glass sliding door with photo film
Closet. With sliding glass door, with black film.
Closet. With sliding glass door, with photo wallpapers.
Glass partitions with film
Glass partitions
Mirror in bogeta frame
Glass composition on the basis of glass
Mirror composition with tinted mirror and frosting
Glass trade counter
Photographic paintings on glass
Glass souvenir
Frameless loggia glazing
Glazier works
Glazier works
Mirror in the hairdressing salon
Glass wall with door


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Legal data

  1. 40003573212
  2. LV40003573212
  3. 13.12.2001
  4. Nīcgales iela 11 – 16, Rīga, LV-1035
  5. 2022


The studio is engaged in the retail sale of glass, mirrors and glass products. All products are manufactured to specific sizes, taking into account the wishes of the Customer.
Stikla Studio provides a full range of services for glaziers, offering a complex approach to every issue of interest to customers.


Stikla Studio offers the following services in the field of glass processing:

  • Straight and figural cutting of glass and mirrors. Cutting to a pattern
  • Grinding and polishing of straight and curved glass edges
  • Straight and curved glass facade
  • Glass drilling
  • Glass milling, making cuts
  • Matting of glass and mirrors - treatment with sandblasting, including artistic treatment
  • Glass engraving
  • Glass painting
  • Glass tempering
  • Bonding of decorative and protective films
  • UV-gluing of glass constructions
  • Glass lamination - joining two or more glasses with the help of a polymer film or resin


Assortment offered by the Stikla studija:

  • Glass from 2 mm to 19 mm
  • Decorative glass for interior doors
  • Organic glass
  • Wooden interior doors
  • PVC windows
  • Double glazed windows
  • Loggia glazing
  • Kitchen glass panel
  • Glass doors and partitions
  • Glass shower cubicles
  • Glass shelves
  • Bathroom mirrors
  • Colored glass
  • Furniture from glass( glass tables, TV-stand)
  • Glass cutting, mirror cutting according to specific dimensions
  • Glass processing: faceting, polishing, grinding, drilling, matting, tempering
  • Gluing the film on glass, etc.



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