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Disposal of old cars, waste removal, export of used household appliances
Equipment export
Export of old household appliances
scrap metal collection
scrap metal collection
Equipment export


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  2. +371 22183200


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About company offers free removal of old household appliances, plumbing and scrap metal. The staff of our company will load your home appliances, if necessary, take them from any floor. We will collect old refrigerators, washing machines, computers, kettles, vacuum cleaners, and help you dispose of old baths, pipes and other scrap metal.


  • Free utilization of household appliances
  • Household appliances removal
  • Old car utilization
  • Scrap metal removal


Freight transport

The company offers cargo transportation up to 3 tons all over Latvia and Europe. We sign contracts for regular service of the company. The company has a large selection of cars. We also offer loader services.


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