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  1. 50003216331
  2. LV50003216331
  3. 16.09.1994
  4. 13.02.2004
  5. Celtnieku iela 11, Talsi, Talsu nov., LV-3201

About the company

Founded in 1993. lTD "Voka" is one of the oldest grain pretreatment complex design and construction companies in Latvia. The main direction of activity is the design, construction and service of grain pre-treatment complexes. The strength of Voka are specialists with experience who are able to adapt projects to your priorities, using equipment from the most appropriate manufacturer. Long-term cooperation with manufacturers from all over Europe allows us to choose equipment according to their specific characteristics, which have been identified from experience. We also sell new and used tractors and agricultural machinery. We offer Farmtrac, JCB, Weidemann brand tractors, Bury, Expom, Meprozet, Metaltech, Padagas, POM Augustow, Zuptor, etc. manufacturers of agricultural machinery. As the company developed, the production of all kinds of metal constructions was started - warehouses, hangars, office buildings, production buildings, grain pre-processing buildings. In addition to manufacturing building structures, Voka also offers various metalworking services.



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