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WE Furniture, LTD, Upholstered furniture, sofa shop-warehouse, Brīvības gatve 401, Rīga LV-1024 : companies :
WE Furniture, LTD, Upholstered furniture, sofa shop-warehouse

WE Furniture, LTD, Upholstered furniture, sofa shop-warehouse

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Furniture store - warehouse
American style bed
Sofa bed
Furniture store - warehouse
Corner sofa
Furniture store - warehouse
Furniture store
Furniture delivery
Furniture store - warehouse
Sofas can be dropped
Sofas large
Sofas from Germany
Bed 180x200
Folding yellow corner sofa
Folding corner sofa with adjustable headrests
Mattresses from Germany
Corner sofas for sleeping with lifting armrests


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  3. 19.05.2017
  4. 19.05.2017
  5. Dagdas iela 2 – 7, Rīga, LV-1003


In our Store - Warehouse, Brivibas gatve 401, furniture from various European manufacturers is available at especially advantageous prices. We have a large warehouse, so you are sure we will do our best to find a sofa with us for your wishes and your joy will be our biggest prize.



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