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Xref is an association of several Latvian companies, which offers fast, high-quality various project development and coordination. We specialize in water supply and drainage, power supply, gas supply, road and transport building structure design. We work with both individuals and general contractors as well as with municipalities. The company has all the necessary licenses and certificates for design work, as well as civil liability insurance policies. 


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power supply design, wiring project, low-voltage networks, low intensity
current network design, electric network design, gas supply, gas supply systems,
designing of gas-supply systems, road designing, building structure design,
wooden structure design, square designing, road easement, street and intersection design,
rainwater drainage network projects, rain sewerage, metal structure designing,
reinforced concrete structure designing, ŪKT, ŪK, ELT, VST, El,
VS, GA, GAT, TS, LKT, LK, BK, engineering research, surveying, surveying works,
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geotechnical research, geodesy, geodesist, geodesic works, geodesy services,
transport building inspectorate, technical inspection, architecture,
design, 3D modeling, 3D visualization, quadracopters filming, video editing,
project management, coordination of projects.

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