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Standard cleaning

Standard cleaning involves high-quality, fast and efficient cleaning of premises, dust removal from furniture and appliances.

Main cleaning

By choosing general cleaning, you will get the most complete cleaning for your premises. General cleaning includes washing floors, cleaning plumbing, washing dishes and kitchen appliances, treating carpets and upholstered furniture from minor dirt, washing windows. Furniture treatment with special means.

Window washing

Standard window washing( ~1.6 m2) includes glass washing both inside and outside without using additional mechanisms( lifts and stairs) . Washing window frames, windowsills and windowsills.

Small repair work in the house - hourly price.

Small repairs in the house - repairs indoors or outdoors that do not involve the involvement of more than two workers and the use of special equipment, except for hand tools. The first hour - 56 euros, each subsequent hour - 19 euros.

Major repair, restoration, reconstruction

Major repair, restoration, reconstruction - departure to the facility for a standard rate of 56 euros. Drawing up a work plan with the customer directly on the object. According to the created plan, calculation of works and preparation of work plan is carried out.

The back yard

Garden cleaning in your backyard, lawn and shrub trimming, weed pullers. After grilling, thorough cleaning, mantles and grill are cleaned. Garage and shed cleaning. Arrangement of firewood. Small volumes are paid - the first hour is 56 euros, the following hours are 19 euros. Large volumes - by agreement.


All the other things you need to do in your home, but you didn't find them on the list. We will fulfill virtually any request you may have. Work evaluation and payment will take place directly on site. In addition, we can issue you an invoice after the agreement and completion of the work, and you can make the payment in a convenient way for you.



Cleaning of premises, dust removal, general cleaning, plumbing cleaning, washing dishes and kitchen equipment, carpet treatment, processing of upholstered furniture, furniture treatment with special means, window washing, window frames washing, washing windowsills and windowsills, repair works, small repair in the house, interior repair, outdoor repair, major repair, restoration, reconstruction, cleaning the garden, grass and shrub trimming, weeding, grill cleaning, greening.