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Zummers plus, LTD, Pasta 22, Liepāja, LV-3401 : companies :

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Bass loudspeakers
Electromechanical components
Electromechanical components
Connection cables for audio and video equipment
Light equipment
Electromechanical components
Sound equipment
Musical instruments
Sound equipment
Communication equipment and product sale
Accumulators, batteries, elements, lithium batteries, batteries for e cigarettes, watch batteries, lead acid batteries, lithium batteries
Tin, solder paste, soldering acid, calafonium, contact sprays, contact cleaners, thermo-paste, pickling agents, ferric chloride, chemistry for electronics, soldering chemistry
Car acoustics, autotumbas, car speakers, amplifiers, capacitors, sabwooferi, wiring sets, installation kits, tumble wires, bass loudspeakers
Power packs, power converters, transformers, adapters, chargers
Electronic cigarettes, e-liquids, e-cigarettes, liquids for e-cigarettes, heating elements for e-cigarettes, chargers for e-cigarettes
Soldering irons, tin extractors, soldering stations, loupes, layout plates, crocodile clamps, soldering accessories
Musical instruments, guitars, strings, drums, drum cobs, mediators, guitar belts, synthesizers, percussion, cases, swing control, stands, microphones, loudspeakers, guitar amps
Wires, cables, audiovisual, plug-ins, connectors, shakers, nests, transitions, adapters, components, connections


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  1. 42103046591
  2. LV42103046591
  3. 16.10.2008
  4. Pasta iela 22, Liepāja, LV-3401
  5. 2022


Zummers Plus sells musical instruments, supplies sound equipment and installs antennas. We also offer various wires and cables for audio and other equipment, batteries, remote controls, transformers, microphones and other equipment for your audio studio. In our store you will also find other types of equipment, such as SAT television decoders and antennas, chargers and power banks. We offer musical instruments, mostly acoustic guitars. A wide range of speakers is available.


Musical instruments, guitars, microphones, drums, synthesizers,
pedals, sound and light equipment, loudspeakers, speakers, spotlights,
car acoustics, amplifiers, filters, speakers, bass loudspeakers,
satellite equipment, antennas, wires, cables, components, power converters,
power packs, batteries, accumulators, phones, radio phone,
TV control boards, terrestrial television, decoders and their installation,
satellite tv, testers, multimeters. Music, sound and light equipment,
electric appliances and electric material trade. Tjuneris,
bracket, stand, tuner, lithium battery, lead acid battery,
charger, USB charger, autotumbas, automagnetola, phone holder,
registrar, potentiometer, thermal insulation, mouse, computer mouse,
keyboard, bluetooth headphones, bluetooth tumba, memory cards,
flash memory, flash memory, car antenna, radio antenna, SAT antenna, SAT set,
AA, Aaa, 18650, 3, 7V, lamp, LED, LED tapes, diodes, transistor,
thyristor, varistors, fuse, relay, RCA, plugin, socket,
HDMI cable, shaker, Powerbank, extension cord, 3, 5mm, transition,
adapter, bulb, E27, E14, LED lamp, LED bulb, inverter, radiotelephone,
PCC, Contact, cleaner, soldering iron, loupe, thermo-paste, tin, calafonium,
tweezer, rods, guitar pick, kapodaster, capo, organ, guitar belt,
sheet music console, megaphones, UK transition, USB cable, authorization, CB walkie-talkie,
CB antenna, condenser, strings, melody, ukulele, marakas, smoke liquid,
smoke machine, mirror ball, disco light, tambourine, blumizer,
ermonika, 5DIN, XLR, Speakon, Neutric, PL socket, TNC plug-in,
light filters, drum film, ISO transition, tape recorder frame,
ventilator, RJ45, voltmeter, ammeter, timer, thermometer,
table lamp, LNB, diseq, daiseks, pump ULKA, battery holder,
linear wires, zummers, motorbike, siren, herkons, DC plug,
MiniUSB, Microusb, 2CR5, AG13, A675, hearing Aid Batteries,
CR123, CR2, case, toroidal transformer, converter, radio,
solder station, maketplate, ARDUINO, toslink, smoke detector,
thermal glue, soldering acid, sodium sulphate, pickler, "third hand" with a magnifying glass, crocodile clamps, magnifying glasses, sabwoofers,