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Abio, Ltd. - Shop / Warehouse - Alūksne, "Vārpas" , Annas pagasts, Alūksnes nov., LV-4341 : companies :


  1. +371 28692225
  2. +371 29494600


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Legal data

  1. 44103035308
  2. LV44103035308
  3. 20.04.2005
  4. 20.04.2005
  5. "Vārpas", Annas pag., Alūksnes nov., LV-4341

Trade and processing of timber

LTD "ABIO" wood processing company is a relatively new, fast-growing, progressive and environmentally friendly company, which was founded in 2005. and located in Latvia. We are one of the manufacturers, distributors and exporters of wood products in North Vidzeme. We have been successfully operating in this business for more than ten years. We offer services related to wood processing.



  • Floor boards
  • Exterior trim boards
  • Australia) Asia
  • Sawn timber
  • Terrace boards
  • Four-sided planed materials
  • Branchless pine trim slats
  • Painted materials
  • Sawdust briquettes
  • Wood particle pellets



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