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A.R.T. projekts, LTD, Kalnciema 44-2, Rīga LV-1046 : companies :

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RTU Laboratory Building, architecture, designing
RTU Laboratory Building, building design
RTU Laboratory Building, engineering network design
Extension of RTU library building, 3D visualization
Twin houses in Vienna, architecture, building structures, engineering networks
Twin houses in Vienna, design of residential buildings
Waldorf center in Berlin, architectural firm
Waldorf center in Berlin, design office
Buil Sydney Live, BIM, building information modeling
Buil Sydney Live, BIM online contest
Holte-Hus school in Denmark, 3D modeling
Holte-Hus school in Denmark, 3D modeling of engineering networks
Private house in Bergi, sketch projects
Private house in Bergi, private house design
Doha Museum of Architecture, BIM competition
Hotel LIESMA in Jurmala, architectural competition


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  4. Rīga, Āgenskalna iela 31A - 7, LV-1046
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ART. the project implements an innovative complex approach to design in the Baltics. We offer analysis of land plots, construction objects, buildings before purchase. Our specialists use the latest technologies in the field of design: works in BIM - CONSTRUCTION INFORMATION MODELING - environment. We are the first company in Latvia that has been able to fully transfer the development of technical documentation in 3D format. By developing a project with high added value - a three-dimensional model of a building, building structures and engineering networks containing the information necessary for construction - the construction process, construction logistics and management are improved and controlled, which reduces construction costs. WE REALIZE YOUR DREAMS!


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