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"AS Gridas", Ltd., Čiekurkalna 1.līnija 84-224, Rīga, LV-1026 : companies :

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Flooring works
Hardwood floors
Floor treatment
Solid wood floor restoration
Floor restoration
Floor treatment
Flooring works
Individual solutions
Floors according to customer wishes and order
Non-standard floor laying, restoration


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  3. Inčukalna nov., Vangaži, Meža iela 2-14, LV-2136
  4. 2019
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Ltd. "AS GRIDAS" Our main activity is solid wood flooring, restoration and further treatment (grinding, polishing, lacquering, lubrication and finishing) waxing). We work with high quality materials. We offer wood protective materials SAICOS oil coating system made in Germany. Intended for indoor use as well as outdoor work for all types of trees as well as grooming means. Our goal is qualitative floors and satisfied customers! 


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qualitative parquet floor renovation.

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