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BRT, Ltd., Technical rubber products, Rubber materials, Kengaraga 4 (Entrance - immediately behind RD electroniks store), Riga, LV-1063 : companies :

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Rubber products
oil-petrol hose, antifreeze hose, water hose, air hose
Pvc hoses, plastic hoses, polyurethane hoses, chip hoses, pellet hoses
Hose fittings, Perrot, Storz, Kamlock, Camlock, Perrot, Cardan, fire connections, Hose fittings
Conveyor belts, conveyor belts, conveyor belts, driving-belts, NN100, EP100, CC55
Rubber sheets, rubber tracks, rubber tracks with pumps
Rubber rings, o-ring, orings, rubber rings, cuffs, seals
Rubber profiles, rubber seals, rubber cords, rubber cords, rubber seals
Paranites, sealing boards, sealing materials, leather sealing material, petrol-resistant paranit
Ceramic fabric, silicate fiber fabric, heat-resistant fabric, heat-sealable fabric


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  6. Ķengaraga iela 4, Rīga, LV-1063

"BRT" ® wholesaler specializing in the supply of technical rubber and other products, including:

  • Rubber, PVC, combined hoses - of various sizes and uses( oils - gasoline resistant, water, air, welding, food industry and others)
  • Shackles( constrictors), hose connections( kauplingi) etc..
  • Industrial and automotive - V-belts, timing belts, multi-track, variator and other belts.
  • Rubber conveyor belts on cotton and polyester substrates.
  • Rubber rings, cuffs, seals.
  • Rubber sheets - SBR, NBR, NR, EPDM and others.
  • Rubber alley
  • Asbestos-free sealing materials( paranite, sealing papers, sealing cords / packings) .
  • Tools

Our company is the largest manufacturer of original BRT®; distributor of products in Eastern European countries!


Our goals:

To provide all our many customers across Europe with high quality products at affordable prices. We pay special attention to establishing long-term friendly and mutually beneficial relationships with our partners.



Technical rubber products, rubber sheets, rubber sheets, rubber tracks, rubber carpets, rubber sealing materials, microporous rubber, rubber rings, porous rubbers, profiles, rubber cords, kembriki. V-belts, timing belts, variator belts, multi-layer connected straps, track straps, transmission belts. Rubber products, rubber hoses, hoses, hoses, rubber troupe, pvc hoses, polyurethane hoses, hydro hoses. Conveyor belts, conveyor belts, driving-belts, conveyor belt joints. Conveyer. Rubber rings, oringi, rubber rings, cuffs, cuffs, seals, salniki, camlock seals, perot seals. Paranitis, parenite, dense cardboard, asbestos-free packing materials, dense strings, packings. Hose connections, couplings, camlocks, Baueri, peroti, suction baskets, shackles, locks, hamuts, tension members, constrictors. Thermal insulation materials, thermal insulation materials, thermal insulation fabrics, thermal resistant cords.