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"WURTH", Ltd., Lubānas 143, Rīga, LV-1021 : companies :

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Reliable tools
Equipment for construction
High quality wood screws
Car polishing and care
Work safety
For work at height
Power tools with accumulators
Wide range of chemicals
Professional chemistry
For professional cleaning
Professional power tools
Professional tools
Professional equipment
Professional equipment
Direct strengthening
Direct strengthening and construction


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Legal data

  1. 40003280809
  2. LV40003280809
  3. "Swedbank", "Augstceltne" filiāle
  4. LV35HABA0001408038693
  5. 25.01.1996
  6. Rīga, Lubānas iela 143, LV-1021

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Wurth Ltd. has been working in Latvia since 1996. Over time, the company has transformed from a subsidiary of Wurth Oy into a Latvian subsidiary of Wurth International AG. The company currently employs more than 120 people. In 2018, Wurth Ltd. acquired larger and more spacious premises for both warehouse and office, and at present Wurth Ltd. office and warehouse is located at 143 Lubanas Street, Riga. Also, there are more than 28 sales offices and 40 technical consultants working in all regions of Latvia serving clients in the construction, transport and manufacturing sectors. Thanks to Wurth's enduring quality and superior customer service, number of our clients is growing. 


Screws, Mounts, Tools
Screws, Tools, Electric tools, Mounts, Construction fasteners, Hand-held
pneumatic electric tools, Electric supplies, Building material building structure trade,
Work clothes, Work gloves. Chemical products, Lubricants, Metal articles,
Cleaning products. Fire protection materials, Work safety, Car chemicals,
car paints, Screws, nuts, washers, DIN, stainless steel self-tapping bolts,
inch self-cutting bolts, self-tapping bolts, furniture screws, wood screws,
bolts with fine thread, heat insulation panel screws, wallboard screws,
gypsum cardboard screws, threaded rods, threaded pins, rivets, threaded studs,
anchors, dowels, anchor dowels, WALRAVEN, SB screws, HV screws, screwdrivers,
diamond drilling machines, diamond drilling tools, laser gauges,
for work safety, abrasives, drills, direct strengthening, Chemical anchors,
anchor chemistry, cable fasteners, mounting tapes, packing rings,
lock rings, cotter pins, pipe plugs, needle pins, profiles, staples,
pipe clamps, pipeline fittings, sprinkler clamps, car goods, changeable
windscreen wiper rubbers, blade rubber, fuses, car bulbs, flashing lights,
accumulator, clamps, balancing weights, exhaust pipe, hose connectors,
chemical products, lubricants, polishing pastes, car shampoos, engine sealing silicones,
sealants, cutting discs, polishing discs, abrasive discs, diamond cutting discs,
wire brushes, drills for metal, drills for wood, drill bits for concrete,
core drill bits, taps, SDS drills, Spot welding drills, screw-cutters,
milling cutters, hand tools, wrenches, barrels, screwdrivers, rods,
pliers socket wrenches, dynamometric spanners, metal scissors, hammers,
chisels, mandrels, crowbars, calipers, measuring tapes, level gauges,
files, saws, knives, bearing pullers, shock-resistant tools, pneumatic tools,
grinders, drilling machines, grinder accessories, drill accessories,
compressors, equipment for pneumatic systems, power tools, accumulator tools,
accumulator screwdrivers, perforators, angle polishing machines,
hot-air fans, construction chemicals, household chemicals, disinfectants,
chemicals for food industry equipment, hand cleaning paste, bolt adhesives,
bearing glues, adhesives, assembly foam, absorbents, absorbent materials,
adhesive tapes, sealing rubbers, gaskets for windows, electric goods,
wire tensions, cable tension straps, car cables, thermal insulation pipes,
wire nozzles, contact clips, industrial paper, toilet paper, paper towels,
work safety means, goggles, protective masks, respirators, headphones,
first-aid means, work gloves, work clothes, work footwear, welding clothing,
shelves, shelves for car service stations, stands, stands for car services,
cabinets, closets for car garages, cabinets for industrial companies,
fire safety, fireproof construction elements, firestop, fireproof materials,
fireproof silicone, fire retardant foam.