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Darba drosibas centrs, Ltd., Bukultu 11, Rīga, LV-1005 : companies :
Darba drosibas centrs, Ltd.

Darba drosibas centrs, Ltd.

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Occupational safety courses

LTD "Work safety center" is a recognized competent authority which, from. has earned the status of a reliable and professional company. Our success is based on highly qualified, professional specialists with extensive experience in labor protection.

Years of experience and documentation base allow our specialists to provide services quickly, in a short time and provide support in difficult situations.

Trainig centre "Work safety center" - Licensed and accredited adult professional development and non-formal adult education programs. Seminars and courses for qualification improvement. Distance learning( e-training) school My OSH.

No 2015. as a Finnish training and consulting company "Oy Bonum-SafetyAb" partner we provide training in labor protection and fire safety for work in Finland, Sweden, Norway. We provide training not only in our training premises, but also on trips to state and municipal institutions, companies, construction sites throughout the territory of Latvia.



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