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Electro Base, LTD, Katlakalna 9A, Rīga LV-1073 : companies :

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19 10 inch switch cabinet ElectroBase
Battery Battery Nordmark ElectroBase
Angled Patchpanel ElectroBase
Cosi 1212 Battery ElectroBase
Dahua camera kit dome IP AHD ElectroBase
Dahua Security kit ElectroBase
Intercom doorpfone kit set ElectroBase
Electricity meters ElectroBsse
Hikvision Cube Camera Electrobase
Inverters Pure Sine 12V DC 220V AC
Coaxial cable ProBase ElectroBase
LED Highlight Bousval UFO ElectroBase
LED Panel Bousval 600x600 ElectroBase
Media Converter Optical ElectroBase
Mufta Optical cable gland clousure Electrobase
ElectroBase Optical Patch Cable
ProBase AcroBase Acoustic Cable
Red Cable for fire protection systems ElectroBase
SFP Module ElectroBase
Smail LED Panel Bousval Built in driver ElectroBase
Steinmak LAN cable UTP FTP CAT5 CAT6 ElectroBase
UPS Uninterruptible Power Supply ElectroBase
1VanLauwer packaging materials ElectroBase
VanLauwer packaging materials ElectroBase1


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  5. Katlakalna iela 9A, Rīga, LV-1073

What is Electrobase®?

Electrobase®; is a wholesale and installation company with more than 10 years of experience in the fields of lighting systems, security and video surveillance systems, telecommunications, electrical materials.
The main sales countries for Electro Base are Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Finland and Sweden. Electrobase®; also offers the design and installation of LED lighting, security and video surveillance systems.


Electrobase® offers

  • LED lighting
  • Video surveillance systems
  • LAN computer networks
  • Security and guard systems
  • Accumulators
  • Uninterruptible power supply UPS systems
  • 10 "un 19" switching and server cabinets, scaffolding
  • Coaxial cable networks
  • Optical data networks
  • Acoustic system cables
  • Telephony
  • Electric materials
  • Packaging materials
  • Furniture and goods for sleeping


Why choose Electrobase®??

  • permanent availability of more than 2000 unique articles in stock and more than 200,000 products from European suppliers;
  • lower prices thanks to product deliveries directly from the manufacturer;
  • fast goods delivery service - next day delivery in all major cities of Latvia and the Baltics;
  • professional advice on choosing a solution;
  • extensive experience in the design and installation of security and video surveillance systems;
  • a wide range of projects already carried out in the design and installation of lighting systems - in offices, factories, shops, warehouses, schools and car parks.



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