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"Electro Base", Ltd., Katlakalna 9a, Rīga, LV-1073 : companies :

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19 10 inch switch cabinet ElectroBase
Accumulator Battery Nordmark ElectroBase
Angled Patchpanel ElectroBase
Cosi 1212 Battery ElectroBase
Dahua camera kit dome IP AHD ElectroBase
Dahua Security kit ElectroBase
Intercom doorphone kit set ElectroBase
Electricity meters ElectroBsse
Hikvision Cube Camera Electrobase
Invertors Pure Sine 12V DC 220V AC
Coaxial cable ProBase ElectroBase
LED High-pass lamp Bousval UFO ElectroBase
LED Panel Bousval 600x600 ElectroBase
Media Converter Optical ElectroBase
Muff Optical cable gland closure Electrobase
Optical Patch cable ElectroBase
ProBase Acoustic Cable ElectroBase
Red cable for fire protection systems ElectroBase
SFP Module ElectroBase
Smail LED Panel Bousval Built in driver ElectroBase
Steinmak LAN cable UTP FTP CAT5 CAT6 ElectroBase
UPS Uninterruptible power supply ElectroBase
1VanLauwer packaging materials ElectroBase
VanLauwer packaging materials ElectroBase1

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  5. 2018


Lighting fixtures, spotlights, accessories, diodes. LED bulbs, LED.
LED lighting. Lighting. Colorful light bulbs. LED lamp trade, LED bulb sale.
LED lighting selling. All kinds of LED bulbs, lamps. Lighting equipment trade.
Lighting fixture wholesale. Video surveillance, video surveillance systems.
Security systems. Security alarms. Alarm systems. Alarm systems,
equipment. Safety systems, equipment, electric equipment. Perimeter security systems.
Perimeter video surveillance systems. Security protective devices.
Certified security and fire safety alarm. Security system installation,
service, service. Object security technical connection. Access system control systems.
Safety systems: security systems, fire safety systems, video surveillance systems,
access control systems. Video control systems, perimeter protection systems.
Safety devices. Video surveillance cameras. Waterproof video cameras.
Security protection devices, systems, video surveillance. LED lamps,
LED floodlights, LED lights, LED tapes, LED Strands, power packs,
drivers, throttle, trafiņi, LED panel, LED plafonds, LED armature,
office lighting, bureau lighting, industrial lighting, accent lighting,
street lighting, facade lighting, UTP, FTP, computer cable, CAT5,
CAT6, CAT7, coaxial cable, patch cord, optical cable, LAN cable,
internet cable, twisted pair. Indoor lighting LED. Accent lighting LED.
Linear indoor luminaires. Staircase LED luminaires. Built-in LED panels.
Surface mounted luminaires LED. Accessories for LED Panels. Outdoor lighting LED.
Outdoor ceiling LED. Linear luminaires IP65 LED. Spotlights LED.
Spotlight accessories. Street and park luminaires LED. Industrial lighting LED.
High span luminaires LED. Accessory for high span luminaires. Motion
sensors for lighting. LED tapes. Accessories for 12V LED Tapes. 220V LED Tape IP65.
12V Indoor LED Tapes. 12V Outdoor LED Tapes. Light bulbs and tubular bulbs LED.
E14 LED Bulbs. E27 LED Bulbs. GU-10 LED Bulbs. GU-5.3 LED Bulbs.
T5 LED Tubular Bulbs. T8 LED Tubular Bulbs. Escape lights. Headlights LED.
Hand lights LED. Head Lights LED. LED Decorative Lighting For Home, Garden.
LED facade luminaires for buildings LED Garden and park lighting.
LED Underground, patio built-in luminaires. Smart LED systems. HD cameras.
Video surveillance systems (HDCVI, HDTVI, AHD). Recorders DVR HD Systems.
Accessories for analog cameras. HDD drives, SD cards in warehouse.
Video surveillance IP camera systems. IP Camera Accessories. Cameras IP.
POE and Switches. Recorders for NVR IP cameras. Camera brackets and mountings.
Monitors. Power supplies and accessories. Video surveillance system kits.
Cables for computer networks. Tools and testers. Switching cables (patch cords).
LSA and 110 type switching elements. 110 type switching elements.
LSA switching elements. Patch panels (Patch Panels). Connector elements.
Cables for security systems. Cables for fire protection systems.
Security systems. Wireless security system. Intercoms (intercoms).
Access control systems. Intercom systems. 12V and 6V accumulators.
Accumulator chargers. Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS). Inverters 12V DC to 220V AC.
Accessories for uninterruptible power supplies (UPS). 10" and 19"
switchboard cabinets for wall mounting. 19" switching cabinets, racks for floor mounting.
Shelves for 19 "switchgear cabinets. Organizers for 19" switchgear cabinets.
Fan units and thermostats for 19" switchgear cabinets. Accessories
for 10 "and 19" switchgear cabinets. Coaxial cable networks. Optical cables.
Switching cables and adapters. Adapters. Switching cables. Pigtails.
Fiber optic cable sleeves (muffs). Switchboards and boxes. 19" patch panels for optics.
Cartridges and protective tubes. Distribution boxes for optics. Splitters
for optical networks. Active optical devices. Instruments and measuring equipment.
Instruments for optics. Measuring devices for optics. Acoustic system cables.
Telephony. Electric materials. Circuit breakers and fuses. Automatic circuit-breakers.
Fuses. Power cables. Electricity extension cords. Corrugations, pipes and cable ducts.
Accessories. Pipes. Corrugated items. Cable tracks. Industrial circuit
breakers and magnetic actuators. Industrial circuit breakers. Industrial
magnetic actuators. Insulating tapes and ties. Insulation tapes.
Locks. Staples. Cable entries. Cable nozzles. Junction boxes and clamps.
Outdoor junction boxes. Indoor junction boxes. Clamps. Relays. Rosette blocks and plugs.
Plugs and sockets. Rosette blocks IP44. Electrical distribution.
Outdoor Distribution. Indoor Distribution. Sensors and timers for lighting.
Electricity meters. Switches and sockets. ABB Indoor. VIKO Indoor.
VIKO Outdoor. Wago Clamps and Terminal blocks. Packaging materials.
Films for packaging. Packaging films (hand - wrapped). Packaging films (machine films).
Bubble wrap. Foam film. Coating films. Net films for pallet packing.
Thermal shrink films. Greenhouse films. Adhesive tapes for packing.
Acrylic adhesive tapes. Hot-melt adhesive tapes. Solvent adhesive tapes.
Low noise adhesive tapes. Filament adhesive tape. Work gloves. Tensioning
straps / mounts / safety-corners. Tensioning belts PP. Tensioning belts PET.
Tensioning belts WG (hot-melt/textile). Staples, hooks. Protective angles.
Cardboard safety-corners. Corrugated cardboard boxes / Plastic boxes.
Corrugated cardboard boxes. Plastic boxes. Cardboard and papers.
Corrugated cardboard in rolls. Sacks and bags. Sealing bags MINIGRIP.
Garbage bags. Shopping bags. Prepacking bags. Packaging tools. Various adhesive tapes.
Painting adhesive tapes. Universal adhesive tapes. Two-sided adhesive tapes.
Plastering adhesive tapes. Sealing tapes. Hygiene products. Industrial paper.
Toilet paper. Stationery. Office paper. Disposable tableware. Plastic glasses.
Mattress covers. Cushions.