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"Eltex", Ltd., Bajāru 18, Rīga, LV-1039 : companies :

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Electric installation
Electrical and low voltage network assembly
Electrical and low voltage network installation
Electrical network design
Low-voltage system installation and design
Low voltage system installation

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Legal data

  1. 40103303667
  2. LV40103303667
  3. 01.07.2010
  4. Aglonas nov., Aglonas pag., Aglona, Ciriša iela 1A-23, LV-5304
  5. 2018

BIS.GOV.LV information

  1. Elektroietaišu izbūves darbu būvuzraudzība
  2. Elektroietaišu izbūves darbu vadīšana
  3. Elektroietaišu projektēšana
  4. Elektronisko sakaru sistēmu un tīklu būvdarbu būvuzraudzība
  5. Elektronisko sakaru sistēmu un tīklu būvdarbu vadīšana
  6. Elektronisko sakaru sistēmu un tīklu projektēšana
  7. Ēku būvdarbu būvuzraudzība
  8. Ēku būvdarbu vadīšana
  9. 9071-R
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SIA "Eltex" is a company engaged in the engineering and construction of engineering networks. Our areas of activity are electrical power supply and low-voltage systems design work, installation works, and maintenance of the above systems. SIA "Eltex" offers: individual approach to each client, competitive prices, high responsibility and professionalism of employees, use of certified and high quality materials, technical advice, work guarantee! 


Electric installation, electrical and low voltage network assembly,
electrical network assembly, mounting of low-voltage networks, electrical
and low voltage network installation, electrical network installation,
low voltage network installation, electrical network design, low-voltage
system installation and design, low intensity current network design,
low voltage system installation, Smart House systems development,
roof heating, gutter heating, computer phone network installation,
smart house, building reconstruction, construction works, construction,
assembly works, assembly, installation works, installation, facade finish,
facade finishing works, simplified reconstruction, interior finishing works,
external electrical network design, construction, system design,
system installation, system installation, system maintenance, warranty repair),
post-warranty repair, service maintenance, maintenance, professional staff,
qualitatively done work, quality, low power network assembly, electrician services,
service contracts, service, cable tracing, cable tray stroking, cable network assembly,
installation of rosettes, switch installation, electrical installation
works for private houses, electrical installation works in large industrial buildings,
installation works in large public buildings, management system installation,
motion detector installation, electrical cabinets installation, electrical
device installation, connecting of electrical appliances, lighting fixtures installation,
lighting fixture connection, electric floor heating, electric water drain-pipe heating,
purchase of materials, supply of materials, supply of materials in
accordance with the contract, purchase of devices, device delivery,
purchase of electrical equipment, purchase of electrical equipment,
all types of low current systems, proper connection of electricity consumers,
we install computer-based management for voltage systems, we program
computerized control of voltage systems, lightning protection installation,
security alarms, fire alarms, IT networks, wireless networks, phone networks,
video surveillance networks, simple smart house project development,
programming works, smart home maintenance, damage prevention, consultations,
development of effective cinema solutions, develoopment of effective sounding solutions,
maintenance of buildings in Latvia, building maintenance abroad,
maintenance of retail outlets in Latvia, maintenance of f retail places abroad.

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