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Legal data

  1. 04.08.2009
  2. Rīga, Maskavas iela 42-1, LV-1050
  3. 2018
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The company sells and repairs various types of weights and accessories. Delivery of goods throughout the territory of Latvia takes place within 1 - 2 business days after approval of the order. In Riga and beyond the borders of Riga, delivery is by courier service - directly to the door. Receiving goods at the company office is free of charge. 


Scales, Car scales, Crane scales.
Metrology, meters and gauges, warehousing equipment and supplies,
loading and unloading equipment, woodworking, scale trade, commercial scales,
wood moisture meter, grain moisture meters, digital scales, car scales,
measuring instruments, humidity meter, scales for front loaders,
warehouse equipment, humidity sensor, high precision scales, agricultural,
metrology, measuring apparatuses, warehousing equipment and supplies,
POS printer, printer, label, label printing, scale verification,
verification, moisture meter, seed, grain, wall, straw, wood, coffee,
for wood, cotton Setting, rail scales packing, scales with EX certificate,
scales for explosion unsafe environments, scales for fire unsafe environments,
platform scales, household scales, track scales.