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FN-Serviss, LTD, Jelgava office-store/warehouse, Pulkveža Oskara Kalpaka 13, Jelgava, LV-3001 : companies :
FN-Serviss, LTD, Jelgava office-store/warehouse

FN-Serviss, LTD, Jelgava office-store/warehouse

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FN-Service Jelgava
Fire safety audit
Occupational health and safety system audit
Labour protection services
Ergonomics audit
Evacuation plan drafting
On-line system internal training model
Courses and seminars in labor protection and safety
Compulsory health checks
Compulsory health checks
On-line briefings in labor protection
On-line fire safety briefing
Products for fire safety and work safety
Work environment risk assessment
Chimney-sweeper services
Fire protection services
Maintenance of fire extinguishers
Maintenance of fire extinguishers
FN-Service Fire safety
FN-Service Environmental protection
FN-Service Fuel cans
FN-Service Work safety


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Legal data

  1. 40003606424
  2. 17.10.2002
  3. 17.10.2002
  4. Brīvības gatve 204B, Rīga, LV-1039
  5. 2023

Affiliated companies

  1. Brīvības gatve 204B, Rīga, LV-1039
    +371 67556799

  2. Liepājas 4, Ventspils LV-3601
    +371 63615099

  3. Miera 57, Daugavpils LV-5404
    +371 62444620

  4. Zemnieku 57, Liepāja, LV-3401
    +371 67102512

  5. Pāvila Rozīša iela 47, Valmiera, Valmieras nov., LV-4201
    +371 64211211

  6. Pulkveža Oskara Kalpaka 13, Jelgava, LV-3001
    +371 63099222

  7. Dzelzavas 70, Rīga, LV-1082
    +371 67556799

"FN-SERVISS" is one of the leading companies in the Baltics, which specializes in fire safety and occupational safety.

"FN-SERVISS" provides its customers with a full range of services and products in the field of fire safety and occupational safety, starting from maintenance of firefighting equipment and systems, preparation of documentation, briefings to professional development programs. "FN-SERVISS" has its own professional further education center "Drošība", which brings together the industry's best trainers and experts who train responsible industry specialists in the field of fire safety and occupational safety.
For the convenience of your customers "FN-SERVISS" offers the most modern online system platform, within the framework of which it is possible to instruct employees in fire safety and occupational safety online.
In the same way "FN-SERVISS" the online system offers a convenient module for the administration of mandatory health check-up cards, as well as an internal training module.
ISO 9001-2015 quality management system has been implemented and is successfully operating in the company.



Fire protection services:

  • Fire safety monitoring - "Drošais"
  • Inspection, maintenance, placement and disposal of firefighting equipment
  • Chimney-sweeper services
  • Inspection and cleaning of the technical condition of mechanical ventilation systems
  • Fire safety audit, documentation development and monitoring
  • Development and installation of evacuation plans and water intake schemes
  • Maintenance, installation and repair of fire protection systems
  • Inspection of electrical installations
  • Practical training and briefings in the field of fire safety
  • Courses and seminars in the field of fire safety
  • Inspection of evacuation lights
  • Development of object planning scheme
  • Virtual extinguishing with fire extinguishers

Labour protection services:

  • Supervision of labor protection - "Drošais"
  • Workplace risk assessment
  • Work environment internal monitoring
  • Occupational health and safety system audit
  • Ergonomics audit
  • Mandatory health check
  • Occupational health and safety briefing
  • Courses and seminars in the field of labor protection

FN-SERVISS online system services:

  • On-line briefings in fire safety and labor protection, first aid
  • Mandatory health checkup card administration module
  • Internal training module


  • Courses in Labor Protection
  • Courses in fire safety
  • First aid courses


Goods for your safety:

The widest range of products for meeting fire safety requirements, personal protective equipment, fuel cans and accessories, absorbents. Products for fire protection of households and companies:

  • Automatic fire protection systems
  • Door security equipment
  • Evacuation and emergency lighting
  • Local smoke and gas detectors
  • Fireproof and passive fire protection systems
  • Fire safety kits
  • Fire protection devices
  • Fire hydrant keys and manhole cover lifting magnets
  • Fire-fighting inventory
  • Fire taps boxes
  • Fire-fighting covers
  • Fire fighting stands and equipment
  • Safety signs
  • Accounting journals, frames for evacuation plans



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