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GEO Development, Ltd., Topography, Surveying, Lapeņu 7, Rīga, LV-1013 : companies :
GEO Development, Ltd., Topography, Surveying

GEO Development, Ltd., Topography, Surveying

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Surveying geodesy cartography topography
3D surveying works
Aerial photography
Geodesic works
Laser scanning
3D modeling of buildings
Aerial photography
Video capture from the air
Boundary plans
Topographical plan development
Engineering communications detailed elaboration


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Legal data

  1. 40003956979
  2. LV40003956979
  3. 21.09.2007
  4. Lapeņu iela 7, Rīga, LV-1013
  5. 2021

GEO Development history:

SIA "GEO Development" since 2007 provides services in the field of land surveying and design, related to land topographic surveying, engineering communications surveying, cadastral surveying, display of land surface plans, GIS development works, aerial photography and laser scanning, as well as consulting services related to real estate documentation from idea to project development. During these years, we have grown rapidly and formed a team of certified surveyors with many years of experience in the field of surveying. We offer a wide range of surveying services, as well as non-standard solutions and an individual approach to each client's requirements. In cooperation with the client, the main emphasis is placed on the quality of service, therefore we always guarantee the accuracy of the work performed and the conformity of the result to the client's wishes.

GEO Development offers:

  • Topographic measurements
  • Topographic plan
  • Surveying
  • Geodetic works
  • Laser scanning
  • Aerial photography
  • 3D surveying works
  • Engineering geodetic works
  • Land division, preparation of documents


SIA GEO Development is:

  • Member of the Association of Latvian Cartographers and Geodesists;
  • Registered in Building Merchant Register with no. 10158-R.



Laser scanning, 3D scanning, Topographical plan.

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