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  1. 03.12.1998
  2. Babītes nov., Babītes pag., Piņķi, "Priedes", LV-2107
  3. 2018
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Glāzeri BT has been successfully operating in the Latvian market since 1998. We actively follow the trends in glass processing and we are able to provide a high level of production and service. We specialize in the following fields of activity: sale of sheet glass and mirrors; production and assembling of toughened glass constructions; manufacture and installation of glass interior elements; glass and mirror processing; glass furniture development and production. We will produce everything from household glassware to complex glass structures. The equipment at our disposal allows us to realize the most complicated operations with glass, including facade, edge processing, engraving, triplex manufacturing and processing, hole drilling, hardening, matting, glass painting. 


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tempered glass, armour glass, mirror, mirrors, glazier works, glazier,
glaziers, aquarium production, bulletproof glass, decorative glass,
faceting, fittings for closets, glazing on the site, window glass,
mirror engraving, mirror framing, mirrors and glass processing, glass doors,
glass shower cubicles, glass facades, glass milling, glass fittings,
glass tables, glass engraving, glass floors, glass cutting, glass roofs,
glass constructions, glass railings, glass frosting, double glazed windows,
glass shelves, glass polishing, glass tempering, glass walls, glass grinding,
glass partitions, glass drilling, glazed facades, glazed structure design,
tinted glass, glass showcases, winter gardens, decorative glass,
glass articles, painted glass, heat-resistant glass, tempered glass,
triplex glass, triplex, triplex, triplex, triplex glass, glass sliding doors,
mirror making, mirror design, mirrors made to order, mirror custom production,
sandblast, sand blast, decorative sandblast, artistic frosting, glass painting,
colored glass, safety films, decorative films, photo film, window films,
adhesive films for windows, glass films, adhesive films, protective films for glass,
shaded films, glass tinting, films for window, window films for glass,
protective films, protective films for windows, reflective film,
glass wall, glass lamination, EVA lamination, glass showers, glass panels,
kitchen glass panels, glass panels for kitchen, kitchen wall panels,
glass for kitchen, glass for kitchen, glass panels for kitchens,
glass panel for kitchen, kitchen wall glass panels, kitchen panel,
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