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Greenmaterials LT, UAB, Debreceno g 11-52, LT94173, Klaipėda : companies :


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About the company

The company was founded in 2012. year with the aim of creating and offering innovative solutions and technologies for construction based on ecological building materials. We offer the purchase of environmentally friendly building materials and products, get acquainted with all materials. We will provide in-depth consultation to cooperation partners. Reasonable prices!



Ecological building materials, ecological construction, ecological construction, Steico, double-T beam system, wood-fibre plates, wood-fibre wool, ECO PANELS, ecological straw panels, fiberglass fittings, fiberglass stakes, fiberglass pipes, fiberglass tapes, fiberglass building materials, Isotex, DURISOL, wood chip blocks with NEOPOR-ISOTEX, wooden roof trusses, wooden frame roofs, For lamin, quartz slabs for exterior and interior, quartz plates for facades, for finishing quartz slabs, MR CLAY clay plaster, ARCWOOD, glued wooden beams, glued wood products, fiberglass composite reinforcement, construction blocks, thermal insulation STEICO products for walls, fiberboard for facades, STEICO PROTECT.