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Hydrokapillar Tech, LTD, Brīvības 158, Rīga LV-1012 : companies :

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  5. Brīvības iela 158 – 1C, Rīga, LV-1012


We offer a full range of particularly energy-efficient and innovative HYDROKAPILLARE ®; introduction of a wide heating and cooling system for water capillaries - from system design to its installation and service.

Environmentally friendly, unique solution that minimizes your heating and cooling bills and provides great comfort in all seasons.

HYDROKAPILLARE ® the basic element of the capillary system - capillary plates - is manufactured in Latvia!

HYDROKAPILLARE ® is a low temperature heating system that can be adapted to the architectural solutions of the building and used in various functional combinations: heating only, cooling only, and heating and cooling in one system.

Thanks to the even air flow and minimal movement of dust and microorganisms in the room, it is a suitable heating and cooling system for people suffering from respiratory and allergic diseases.

HYDROKAPILLARE ® the system is particularly efficient in combination with heat pumps as an energy source, but can also be connected to other sources.

We are the official exclusive distributor of ARISTON heat pumps in Latvia!


Offer and system solutions

  • Heating system
  • Cooling system
  • Convection devices
  • Geothermal contour with capillary plates
  • Almost zero energy buildings( gNEĒ) solutions



Heating systems, Heating pumps.

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