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Idea Crafter Group, LTD, Skolas 18, Ogre, Ogres nov. LV-5001 : companies :

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Furniture assembly
Furniture assembly
Assembly of furniture sets
Assembly of furniture systems
Assemble furniture
Furniture assembly services
Furniture assembly
Furniture assembly services


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  3. 07.06.2022
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  5. Apogu iela 6 – 4, Ogre, Ogres nov., LV-5001

"IDEA Crafter Group" is a provider of assembly services for furniture and other fittings.

The company employs up to 30+ assembly workers daily, we are one of the largest assembly service providers in Latvia. Our company professionally assembles all types of furniture. This type of service will save you time and avoid complications. We will quickly and efficiently assemble various types of furniture sets from IKEA and other manufacturers - We have all the necessary tools and experience to complete even the most difficult furniture assembly tasks.


Main services:

"IDEA Crafter Group" engages in the assembly of all types of furniture( Kitchens, wardrobes, chests of drawers, bathrooms) . We also carry out assembly of shops, salons, museums, factories, kindergartens, schools and other institutions.

"IDEA Crafter Group" Advantages of furniture assembly services: Furniture assembly services are intended for those who want to quickly and easily get kitchen furniture or other more complex furniture, without the inconvenience of assembling it themselves. The IDEA Crafter Group team has professional assemblers who can quickly and efficiently assemble your furniture, without causing you inconvenience and without wasting your money. precious time.


Why choose "IDEA Crafter Group" assembly services?

Advantages of furniture assembly services:

  • Time saving: Assembling furniture can be time-consuming, especially if you have no experience or limited tools. Furniture assembly services can get the job done quickly, allowing you to devote your valuable time to other activities.
  • Expertise: Professional fitters are skilled and experienced in assembling your furniture correctly, ensuring stability and longevity.
  • Stress reduction: For many, assembling furniture can be annoying and intimidating.
  • CONTACT US TODAY: + 371 26158089;
  • We work all over Latvia! Furniture assembly throughout Latvia!



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