"Instrumentu Servisa Centrs", Ltd.

"Instrumentu Servisa Centrs", Ltd.

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„Instrumentu Servisa centrs” started its economic activity in 2008 as a tool service and rental company. Following the market we have expanded our business with tools, equipment and spare parts trade and wholesale trade. 


Power tool repair, power tool service, garden equipment repair, garden equipment service.
Makita service, Makita repair, Makita spare parts, Makita trade,
Makita shop, MAKITA electric tools, MAKITA instruments, Bosch power tool repair,
Bosch power tool service, Bosch service, BOSCH power tool replacement parts.
DEWALT campaign, BOSCH campaign, FESTOOL campaign, MAKITA campaign.
CNC cutters, CNC milling machine, Cnc equipment, CNC 3D equipment,
Stepcraft CNC Cutter, 3D Laser equipment, Einhell service, Einhell Repair,
Einhell spare parts, Einhell Trade. DeWalt service, DeWalt repair,
DeWalt spare parts, DeWalt trade. Festool service center, Festool spare parts,
Festool shop, Festool trade, Festool repair, Festool rental. Husqvarna service,
Husqvarna repair, Husqvarna spare parts. Jonsered service, Jonsered repair,
Jonsered spare parts. STIHL service, STIHL repair, Stihl spare parts.
McCulloch service, McCulloch repair, McCulloch spare parts. Dolmar service,
Dolmar repair, Dolmar spare parts, Dolmar trade. Oleo-mac service,
Oleo-mac repair, Oleo-mac spare parts, Oleo-mac trade. AEG service,
AEG repair, AEG spare parts. Kress repair, Kress service, Kress spare parts,
Kress trade. Freud repair, Freud service, Freud spare parts. Virutex repair,
Virutex service, Virutex spare parts. Triton spare parts, Triton service,
Triton repair. Flex repair, Felx service, Flex spare parts, Flex trade.
Graco repair, Graco spare parts, Graco service. Wagner repair, Wagner service,
Wagner spare parts. Milwaukee service, Milwaukee repair, Milwaukee spare parts.
Ryobi service, Ryobi repair, Ryobi spare parts. Stiga service, Stiga repair,
Stiga spare parts. Honda spare parts, Honda service, Honda repair.
Kohler spare parts, Kohler service, Kohler repair. Tecumseh spare parts,
Tecumseh service, Tecumseh repair. Lombardini spare parts, Lombardini service,
Lombardini repair. Hecht repair, Hecht service, Hecht spare parts,
Hecht trade. B&S spare parts, B&S service, B&S repair,
B&S spare parts, B&S engines. Vari motordrives, Vari garden technique,
Vari spare parts, Vari service, Vari rental, Vari repair, czech motordrives.
Hitachi repair, Hitachi service, Hitachi spare parts, Hitachi trade.
Metabo repair, Metabo service, Metabo spare parts. Mafell service,
Mafell repair, Mafell spare parts, Mafell trade. Senco repair, Senco service,
Senco spare parts, Senco trade. Bostitch repair, Bostitch service,
Bostitch spare parts, Bostitch trade. AL-KO service, AL-KO repair,
AL-KO spare parts, AL-KO trade. Chainsaw spare parts, Parts for chainsaws,
chain saw service, power-saw chains, chainsaw chain, repair of chainsaws,
chainsaw rental, chainsaw bar, Chainsaw cylinder group, chainsaw cylinder group,
chainsaw carburettor, chainsaw clutch, chainsaw oil pump, Chainsaw shock absorber,
chainsaw induction coil, chainsaw spark ignition coil, garden equipment repair,
garden equipment rent, garden equipment for trade, garden equipment spare parts,
garden equipment service, trimmer service, trimmer rental, trimmer spare parts,
spare parts for trimmers, trimmer repair, trimmer rental, trimmer reducer,
carburetor for trimmer, trimmer disc, trimmer starter, trimmer spring,
trimmer head, mower spare parts, mower blade, starter for a lawn mower,
air filter for lawn mower, lawn mower repair, gasoline lawn mowers,
lawn mower repair, mower service, adapter for mower, cable for mower,
carburettor for lawn technique, rider spare parts, strap for raider,
rider repair, rider service, motor for rider, engine for rider, rider belt,
blades for rider, rider knives, lawn tractor service, garden tractor repair,
lawn tractors, lawn tractor starter, lawn mower knife, garden tractor filter,
lawn tractor oil filter, Zongshen spare parts, Zongsheg service,
Zongsheng repair. Generators, power generators, spare parts for generators,
wood saw, firewood chopper, wood choppers, firewood saws splitters,
wood production plant, splints production equipment, snow blowers,
snow blower, snow blower repair, snow mill repair, strap for snow thrower,
Chinese Chainsaw Spare Parts, Chinese trimmer spare parts, Chinese mower spare parts.

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