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  3. 26.03.2007
  4. Ropažu nov., Kākciems, "Kalndruvas", LV-2135
  5. 2018


"Kalndruvasbloks" is a manufacturing company, which started its activity in the Latvian market in 2007. The Kalndruvas Bloks factory was created with the aim of providing the Latvian construction market with high quality construction materials. In the course of our activities we have established ourselves as a stable and reliable company with a large number of regular customers and serious partners, High-quality German equipment ("HESS GROUP") and modern production technologies enable us to be one of the leaders in the Latvian market. The best raw materials in Latvia (cement, sand, granite slag, high-quality plasticizers and color pigments), state-of-the-art European equipment and experienced staff with technical engineering education - these are our competitive qualities. 


Pavement, sidewalk plates, footpath, fields, cobblestone, curbs,
water gutters, blocks, pigments, plastic products, pavement PRIZMA,
pavement Pusmix, Pavement Konuss, Eco pavement, cobblestone TAVR,
sidewalk curb, road curb, lowered road curb, left side entry curb,
right side entry curb, water tray, foundation block, ventilation unit,
yellow pigment, red pigment, orange pigment, brown pigment, black pigment,
green pigment, white pigment, blue pigment, plasticiser for concrete,
plastic grille, plastic border, delivery, delivery to the indicated address,
unloading, delivery services, unloading services, material compliance with standards,
qualitative materials, quality criteria, we produce paving stones,
we produce sidewalk edges, we produce road curbs, we produce ventilation blocks,
we produce foundation blocks, we produce gutters, we produce various
types of concrete products, paving, provides paving services, greening,
improvement, territory improvement, territory improvement services,
professional greening services, professional territory greening services,
landscape architect, landscape architect services, lawn installation,
hedge planting, deciduous tree planting, conifer planting, planting of fruit trees,
bush planting, flower arrangement installation, flowerbed installation,
alpine hills planting, planting site preparation, fences, fence assembly,
to assemble a fence, to install a fence, gates, fence gates, doors,
fence gates, intercoms, communication devices, automatic gate opening systems,
door automatics, wooden span production, wooden span installation,
installation of concrete poles, concrete plinth installation, gate installation,
automatic gate installation, swing gate installation, automation installation,
intercom installation, watering, watering services, automatic watering systems,
automatic watering project, watering project, automatic watering system installation,
watering system maintenance, watering system starting, watering system regulation,
watering system emptying, pigments for production blend dyeing, paint
pigments for pavement, color pigments for concrete, manufacture of fireplace portals,
tin production, liquid plasticizers.

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