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Korchagin K, individual worker, building insulation, Mārtiņa 13, Ikšķile, Ogres nov., LV-5052 : companies :
Korchagin K, individual worker, building insulation

Korchagin K, individual worker, building insulation


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About us

Building insulation with eco-wool, bulk stone wool, Paroc Blt3, Blt9, mineral wool Isower, wood fiber wool Steico Zell. Filling the air gap with granules Grand Full, Hk-35.
Installation in walls, attics, floors, roofs, mezzanines. Free consultation on site. Thermography. Preparation of objects for insulation. More information on the website. We work all over Latvia.

Thermography and material incorporation

  • Thermography is the visualization of infrared radiation. This is done with a thermal imaging camera, which is used to detect heat leaks in the thermal insulation of the building. The results obtained can be used to improve the heat resistance, efficiency of heating and ventilation systems, as well as their quality after construction. When you order a thermography, you will get a detailed overview of each stage of the building or plant. Thermography in buildings can be performed when the internal temperature of the building differs from the outdoor temperature by at least 10 degrees.
  • Dry installation is used in horizontal and sloping constructions, such as on the floor or on a sloping roof. The dry insulation material is blown into the gaps and fills even the smallest gaps in the construction. With the dry-laying method, it is possible to fill various "gaps" in the walls of buildings( for example, between gypsum plasterboard constructions), making defects useful and most importantly warm effects.


Construction work services

  • Insulation of residential, public and production buildings, construction
  • Preparatory works for warming, construction of footbridges
  • Creation of roof ventilation
  • Building management
  • Construction-repair
  • Assembly-disassembly
  • Plumbing works
  • Sewerage construction



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Building insulation with ecowool, loose stone wool Paroc, Blt3, Blt9,
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Full Hk-35, integration into walls, in the attic, floors, on the roof, mezzanine floors,
in air gap, free consultation on site, thermography.
Preparation of objects for insulation.