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"Kronmat Baltic", Ltd., Fakro official representative, Ulbrokas 42g, Rīga, LV-1021 : companies :
"Kronmat Baltic", Ltd., Fakro official representative

"Kronmat Baltic", Ltd., Fakro official representative

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KRONMAT roof hatches
Fakro, Skylights
Roof window production
Custom-made skylights
Roof hatches
Qualitative skylights
Openable skylights
Different size roof windows
Construction materials
Roof hatches
Attic stairs
Roof attic stairs
Roof membranes and films

Working time

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  • Mon900-1730
  • Tue900-1730
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  • Fri900-1630
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Legal data

  1. 40103233321
  2. LV40103233321
  3. 05.06.2009
  4. Rīga, Augusta Dombrovska iela 75 k-2 -26, LV-1015
  5. 2019


Company "Kronmat Baltic" deals with the sale of goods in Latvia made by "FAKRO" - roof windows, connections and accessories, roof hatches, loft stairs, roof membranes and films. We provide advice on "FAKRO" products both during project design and construction, as well as provide service. In addition, we offer "Optistep" and "Optilight" roof racks manufactured by Kronmat, as well as rainwater systems manufactured by "GALECO". 


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roof hatchways, balcony windows, curtains, window accessories, light tunnel,
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